My group and i are having a upcomining presentation next week and oh man... im so nervous... I cant remember the 1st time since i role play... I only remember i had few presentations in the assembly hall since i was 7, primary 1. Since 12, i had never gone on stage already. But anyway, our team and i are are doing a presentation on 'Flower Language'. In case no one ever knew the meaning os the number of roses, here is what i posted to share:

A single bloom of red roselove at first sight or "I still love you"
A single rose in any colourindicates simplicity and gratitude
2 rosesmutual feelings
3 roses"I love you"
7 roses"I'm infatuated with you"
9 roses"We'll be together forever"
10 roses "You are perfect"
11 roses "You are My Treasured One"
12 roses "Be mine!"
13 roses"Friends forever"
15 roses "I'm truly sorry"
20 roses"I'm truly sincere towards you"
21 roses"I'm dedicated to you"
24 roses"Forever yours"
25 roses Congratulations
36 roses "Remembering our romantic times"
40 roses "My genuine love for you"
50 roses Unconditional love
99 roses "I will love you all the days of my life"
101 roses"I'm completely devoted to you"
108 roses"Will you marry me?"
999 roses
"I love you till the end of time"

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