My masks are finally here.. days ago though.. only now then got the chance to really blog about it.

Many people are raving about 'My Beauty Diary' but i had not been using because i am still following a particular brand for years since my poly days. However, i finally get to buy it (for its my alternative choice) since my aloe masks have been out of stock for months. To be frank, i seriously cannot survive without that mask -.- It has been working so well for me that i've become a die hard fan. But for now, i can only trust the rating from others on the alternative mask- My Beauty Mask.

I bought each at a reasonably higher price compare to Dainty Design Mask. And of course expect much more from it. Bought 9 different flavours at different prices as well. Low quantity each. But so far, i've used one yesterday. And its very good. Hope the rest works as well.

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