Happy 4th week anniversary my dear. 28 days = 4 weeks. Poor you, you have to work morning shift till 3pm and go school from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. No life no life. You arh, don't skip school arh! Never never skip school! Even if you want sleep also sleep in class.
As for me, i have a free Saturday. A lazy Saturday. But, i have 'work' to do. And yea, my job is to make sure my dear goes to school today. Hmm so a clever idea struck me. Solution: Go to school with him together ^^ So early in the morning, i mopped the floor, i washed my clothes, i hung them dry, i bathe, i packed my stuffs and off i set off to school ^^ Happy school day Saturday. Yet, the weather was kind enough to give me a scorching sun -.- But anyway, to reward him going to school.. i waited 20 minutes or so to queue for koi. Not forgetting that he wanted to try chocolate milk tea last time. So together with my koi and my lappy and my bag, i looked like a total aunty with huge baggage. Okay lah, anyway, i throw enough face everywhere, so this is a no problem matter to me. These past 4 weeks has been very xing fu. The life we have, the time we spent, the tranquility of feelings, the calmness, everything.. is so perfect. Perfect without any other people disturbance. If this was a fairytale.. i rather not waking up from it... Let me continue to have it.. Don't wake me up...


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