Laneige Travel Set Review [Luxola & The Luxe Nomad]

2015 is a year of long weekends! If you are planning to go on holiday, the next best travel date would be 1st May (Fri) to 3rd May 2015 (Sun). To all working adults, it's time to reward yourselves to 3 days 2 nights overseas trip! That is how we should be spend Labour day ! *Whee~~* If you think its too rush to make any trips, you may consider to travel on 7th August *hehe*

Thankfully, my love and I were planning to a short trip to Genting next week. His birthday is near the corner and we thought that it would be special to celebrate his birthday somewhere beyond Singapore. We love going to regions which are colder as to avoid the all year round summer in Singapore. 

All of us love overseas trip, but when it comes to packing of clothes and facial products, it would be a hassle (Don't you agree??!) Firstly, you have to think of how many clothes to bring, the type of clothes to wear etc. Same goes to facial products!! I have lots of big sized bottles which bringing all of them would only add weight to my luggage. Being a heavy user of beauty products, I have cleanser, toner, serum, eye care, moisturiser and occasion scrubs. Imagine I had to bring all full sized bottles for my short trip.... ...

Luckily, thanks to Luxola, I received Laneige Travel Set which i am prepared to bring for my overseas trip!

The travel set was well packed.

It comes with :
1. Laneige Multi Cleanser

Using my closeup lens. It is kinda of like water gel cleanser. It leaves your skin hydrated and smooth after 1 wash.

It suits all skin types with 4 functions: Remove makeup, sunscreen, exfoliating, last but not least, cleansing. Upon application, you can feel the micro beads scrubbing away those dead skin, leaving your skin cleansed and refresh. 

2. Perfect Renew Skin Refiner _EX

Gel type skin booster which penetrates into skin for hydration and tension. Use this after cleansing, pump 1-2 times and apply on the skin.

3. Perfect Renew Emulsion_EX

Lotion with the watery effect which reduces dry skin and aging. It helps to keep your skin moist and smooth everyday! After application, you can see the differences after I applied the product on the back of my hand. You can use this after skin refiner.

Before application. The skin of my hand is so dry! You can see fine lines under the lens.

After application. You can still see the lines but it wasn't as obvious as the one before.

4. Perfect Renew Essence _EX

 The essence helps to prevent premature aging and helps your skin looks more contoured. In order to see the effects, I believe in applying the product correctly and accordingly. Interesting, Laneige does provide information on their website on how to apply the essence.

Credits to Laneige SG

5. Perfect Renew Skin_EX

Perfect Renew Skin helps to take care on the first step of aging. The first signs of aging starts usually at 25. Well, it is already happening to me when I find myself having smile lines just one fine day. This cream could possibly help me to reduce my smile lines from becoming obvious haha. It aids in dry skin, basics cause of skin trouble, leaving them smooth and moist.

If you are looking for an affordable and convenient travel pack for facial products, Laneige Travel Set is all you need! Do click here to do your purchase!

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Photo taken from Amana Villas

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Signing off here~~

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