My Life diary

My Life has recently has been dedicated to more of a food and beauty blog but i would still pen my thoughts here. Though the frequency of writing my diary is not as often as i wrote them in the past, at times, i do feel that one shouldn't neglect our thoughts or brush them off like 'they are not a big deal'. 

Really, coming to a stage where i am 25 this year, life is more than what our daily routine encompasses. I have been promoted to an Aunt to a little cute princess, looking forward to my mum's fine culinary skills after a day at work (which i never appreciate them when i was much younger), chatting with my brother over his "O" Level woes, hearing to my dad's story of heated exchange in his office, enjoying weekend brunch and dinner with my loved ones. It could not be more fulfilling without your loved ones at your side.

And i grow, they grow too; which explicitly means that the time together is getting shorter. Sometimes i could not but just wonder how much time do we have left for each other? My mum and dad are reaching the age of retirement and I was only 23 when i felt i could give them a slightly better life. There is so much more i hope i could do for them. P

Perhaps many things are pre-destined that i shouldn't be thinking too much right now.


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