Lunch at Symmetry Cafe

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Corpse puppets welcoming you~

Symmetry Cafe wasn't that difficult to find. It is located opposite Muslim Cemetery and you could take buses like 2, 12 , 33, 133 etc to reach there or otherwise, you can alight at Bugis MRT station and walked along Victoria Street. 
The cafe was kind of dark but not to the extend that you can't see anything at all. As me and love were there in a weekday afternoon, there wasn't lots of people around. Let's take a look at the cafe......

It is a rectangular cafe with the bar in the middle. They can allocate few big groups as they have a long tables near the entrance.

See the variety of 'drinks' on their shelf.

And we are enjoying the atmosphere

The menu was very simple and clear-cut. It was easy to understand what they were offering for lunch on Tuesday. We were able to make a quick decision as to what we wanted.

Portobello and Pork Jowl Croissant 

Fungi and Egg  

 Their food was really good. For my fungi and egg, truffle was added to the scrambled egg. I am not a fan of truffle (I could get slight headache if i had the smell of truffle is overpowering), but the egg is really well cook. The salmon looks different but is good too. And!! the pink cream on the bread was very delicious too! The serving was more than enough for me but i still manage to finish them all! I have to admit that their brunch was much better than some other places i had.

As for the portobello, the pork (wrapped inside the croissant), was flavorful. Fries was also good that it seems that they were freshly cooked. Overall, it is a good meal! 

9 Jalan Kubor
Singapore 199206
Tel: 6291 9901
Fax: 6291 9902

Operating Hours
Mon: 10.30am - 09.00pm
Tue - Thur: 10.30am - 11,00pm
Fri: 10.30am - 12am
Sat: 09.00am - 12am
Sun: 09.00am - .7.00pm

Taking photo with the puppets before leaving the cafe