Brunch at Two Bakers

I had actually forgotten to wish my best friend "Happy Birthday"! My god, I was really getting old.

As usual, my babes and i would never fail to meet up on each other's birthday. This time, we visited Two Bakers.

Two Bakers seems to be a new cafe which was opened only recently. Located conveniently just opposite Jalan Besar Stadium, it was not difficult to find the cafe as it was a short 5 minutes walk from Lavender MRT. Along Horne Road, you can easily spot a few other cafes located closely to one another. You can hop from one place to another just by foot. 

At one glance, Two Bakers is a pretty small and neat cafe yet filled with cosy atmosphere. A place which i felt quieter than other cafes and is a good hangout with friends. There was no queues at 12pm despite not making an reservations. Perhaps we were later than usual.

Isnn't it a good place for hangout and chat over coffee?

I personally love going to 'not' so crowded cafes as they are much quieter and serene. What's more important is that i felt that i am comfortable with the spaces between me and the other patrons (unlike places like Tim Ho Wan where i could feel the body heat from the guy sitting next to me). I could enjoy my coffee and dining experiences so much that i felt it was home to me (of course i would leave if i saw long queues outside their shop ). 

I had taken a photo of the menu (like i always did to most of the cafes i visited). To some of us, price is a issue whenever we visit cafes? 

Prices are reasonable and you will leave this place with a full stomach. And those of you who are a little conscious on GST and Service Charge, Two Bakers doesn't charge you for any of it. There are GST and Service Charge free! 

I had a Two Bakers Petite Breakfast
a cup of

My babes had...

French Toast with Sweet Caramelised Banana which was really good to start your day. 

Egg with smoked Salmon 

Does all these look delicious to you?

I could have order a few deserts but such hearty breakfast left me with no spaces in my stomach. It is a pity that i couldn't get to eat those beautiful desserts again in whatever cafe i was at. And if you have no idea how beautiful their desserts are, let me show you :

" Inspired by time-honoured recipes..... Two Bakers have created numerous best-sellers including moist carrot cake, dainty Eclairs with dark chocolate and salted caramel fillings ... ..." 

Carrot cake

All the desserts look alluring but i just couldn't bring myself to buy either one of the slices. My stomach wasn't too happy with me if i was to get her something. 

But nevertheless,  this is one cafe where i know i will be going back for more, thanks to the accessibility of transport and the availability of the seats (as for now). 

88 Horne Road
Singapore 209083
5 minutes walk from Lavender MRT ( Exit from V Hotel)
Tel: 62930329

Mon: 11:00 am- 9:00m
Wed- Thur: 11:00 - 9:00pm
Fri-Sat: 11:00 am - 11:00pm
Sun: 11:00 - 9:00pm

My cafe kakis 

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