[A Short Review ] Cake Love

2 weeks since i had blogged!! I was kinda busy and tired for the last 2 weeks. I had attended some Yoga lessons on Sunday morning, planning for Flea to clear my old clothes, and of course, not forgetting to Cafe hop!

Over the weekend, Xiong and I went to Bloomsbury to try their cakes. We only get to know them through Cafe Fest. As i was given $20 to use in their cafe, i thought it was a good idea to use them before it expires on 30th November.

But anyway, I shall introduce another cafe near Symmetry Cafe first.

Their entrance is brightly lit with fluorescent lights and cute decor on their glass door.

Located along Victoria Road, you can go there by foot from the nearest MRT station. If you were having your lunch at Symmetry, you can just walk 2 lanes ahead and you will reach 4 Jalan Pisang to fill your sweet tooth. 

Xiong and I just walked in to sit as it was not crowded. There were no staffs ushering us but i felt comfortable this way. As it was raining heavily, we felt that it was a great place to chill out in Cake Love while waiting for the rain to subside. 

Unlike other cafes who had more decors which looked overly dressed, Love Cake gives me a more spick-and-span, back to basics kind of feeling.   

They served cupcakes, slices of cakes , macarons etc. Also, they do customise birthday and wedding cakes! Over the 1 hour when Xiong and i were there, they were many customers coming in to buy and collect their stuffs. 

But most importantly, in my most visit of the cafes, i would take a photo of their menu! First and foremost, I'm sure that all patrons would like to know how much they would need to pay for the food. Secondly, i feel that as a customer, it is very importantly to know what food they are offering. 

Hope its clear enough ^^

We ordered deconstructed Tiramisu and Italian Soda. I love the concept of deconstructed Tiramisu! They had cleverly placed the 'breakdown' Tiramisu into individual setting. This is how it looks like:

The coffee in the cup

The sponge cake was really good. It was soft and moist. Ladyfinger was good and crispy (of course). But Xiong just poured the coffee over the deconstructed Tiramisu. 

Was playing with the pillow after finishing the food.

Enjoying the non peak period 

And oh! They do have Rainbow Cake too! Rainbow Cheesecake only appears every Friday,  Saturday and Sunday with the first cake at 12pm and 2nd cake at 4pm. I will go back some day for their rainbow cheesecake! 

Love the heart!

Do visit

4 Jalan Pisang
Singapore 129071
Tel: 8222 5558

Operating Hours
Tue - Sat: 11am- 7pm
Sun: 11am - 4pm
Public Holiday : Closed

Signing off here~~

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