MapWerkz [ Swag Out @ Avalon]

Thanks to Mapwerkz, Xiong and I had a chance to go to Avalon! They were having an event at the club and many of the audience were there early.

At Avalon- The lights were on and they are getting ready for the show-down!

It was an event where various dance groups came together to display their own unique moves. The dancers are locally and internationally famous. 

Though i do not know how to dance, i love the way how these guys move their body with such flexibility under the influence of music. 

Groups and groups of youths joining the queue.

We waited about 20 minutes before we entered Avalon. 

The youngsters were crowding around the stage and all of them were enjoying chatting with friends. 

The night was so clear that you can see the scenery outside Avalon. It was a spectacular view of CBD area.

The dance groups which were presented at the part were Team EX,  Fuyo, SWAT Crew, Basic 5 and We will be back,  The Passionate Dancing Elder, Limited Edition, GIGI Art of Dance, Styles from Beyond, Da Street Soulz, Joyce and The Boys, 

After the teams displayed their dances, there was a short interval where the Emcee invited audience to have a PK. Surprisingly, there are quite a few youngsters who really knows how to move~~ All of them were equally good.

It feels great to be young! 

There were other famous international dancers such as Andreas Chua, Suleman Malik, Koharu Sugawara, Chris Martin. One of the dancers, Koharu Sugawara has done choreography for 2NE1, Girls Generation, Namie Amuro , SMAP etc. She is also featured as as NIKE + FUELBAND SE ad campagin in 2013. 

It was an eye opener to see that dance can come in different forms. Some of them goes with the beat, some are like telling a story and some are freestyle. 

After a good 2 hours, the event ended. 


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