Weekend ~~

There was never once i complained on my weekends. I love to spend my quality time with love, especially he did not have to work on weekends.

Last Saturday, we had a date just like any couples do; going to Plaza Sing for a movie, walk around and have dinner at some nice places, watched Kungfu Jungle acted by Donnie Yen. And yeh, you know those sort of action pack movie where police chased the murderer and he was beaten to death even before he could be jailed? The movie was good but you would say great if you love kungfu fights.

Before the movie started, dear and i were queuing for llao llao. We queued for approximately 20 minutes before it was our turn and it took us 7 minutes to finish a medium size yogurt. We gulped the yogurt down our throat as we were like 5 minutes late to the movie. Luckily, the advertisement for GV was always long that we did not miss any scene.   

A good 100 minutes ended, we rushed to Clark Quey, afraid that we were late for our reservation. Wasted few minutes taking photo with the Christmas Tree just outside The Central before we made our way to Shuffle Bistro Bar.

Am i looking too fat in this photo?

No idea why but we follow suit when other people took photo with the tree.

Finally we reached Shuffle Bistro Bar. This is one of my favorite place as the live band speak and sang Mandarin songs. If you hadn't know, few of the Superstars were from there! We were guided to our seats after that... ...

Ordered my alcoholic drink. Its been a while since i had alcohol.

At 8pm, the band began to sing some of the pop songs and all of us eat, drink and listen. I like chilling my weekend this way but i would ended up bankrupt if i do this every week. 

It was raining 'extraordinary' heavy that night. 

Up next, our wings were here~~

We were hungry that we did not took a photo of the seafood pizza. However, it was delicious too. 

That night, we ended our day after filling our stomach at Shuffle Bistro Bar.

Took lots of selfie but only selected a few nice ones


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