Happy Tuesday!

Weekday could be fun too!

It was really one of the few days which i took leave to go out with my love. Sometimes he had his days off during the weekend but it wasn't enough. During weekend we had to squeeze with the crowd practically everywhere: train, restaurant, movies , shopping malls etc which i really dislike. 

Last Tuesday,  I met Xiong at Suntec, hoping to redeem a pair of free movie tickets. I was really early  but Xiong was late.. But never mind, we managed to get the tickets with good seats. We chose to watch 'The Angriest Man in Brooklyn' as i love watching Robin Williams' film. His 'Jumanji' left a deep impression in me during my younger days. There were lots of "What the hell?!", "What the f*ck?!", "F*ck off" phrases in the movie and not one which was kid-friendly. But overall it was a good movie which i felt close to my heart as they emphasize a lot on family matters. It was really touching that i almost cried!!

After the redemption of the tickets, we went to Symmetry at Jalan Kubor to have our brunch. I was expecting to have some breakfast brunch but they do not have any on a rainy Tuesday. The cafe was located just at a corner of Jalan Kubor. 

The cafe was dimly lit but it was still visible. The cafe was kinda like decorated in the 80s' style. You can spot some vintage posters around. I shall blog Symmetry Cafe in another post later.

After we had filled our stomachs, we wanted to have some desserts at Cake Love. If you had knew about the Cafe Fest Saga, you must be familiar that most patrons who were not satisfied with the management had somehow received compensation from them. I was one of those who made the complain. Though I wasn't satisfied with them (till now due to other issues) but at least there were some form of compensations. It was still bearable.

But before we head over to Cake Love, we were taking some photos at the back alley.

Can you just imagine how dark the weather was? It was about to rain anytime!

Yet we were still fooling around... ...

No idea why that i wasn't standing straight in this photo

Luckily, the rain came before we got real wet! We were looking for Cake Love high and low until Xiong told me that it was just behind us... ...

Their signboard was really cute!

Cake Love was founded in 2009 which specialize in customizing cakes, macarons, cupcakes and many other sweets treats ! I shall blog a bit more on my next post too! By the way, the serve Rainbow Cheesecake on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Their first cake will be out at 12pm and the second cake will be out at 4pm. For cheesecake lovers, please keep a look out for their Rainbow cakes!

And non-stop photos while waiting for the rain to subside... ...

After which we had a short shopping spree at Suntec before we went KTV at Teo heng. 3 hours of KTV session was cheaper than 2 hours! Went for the 3 hours KTV instead and left 10 minutes before our movie start...

And our day ended in a wink of eye... ...


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