Complains online?

The frequency of me blogging had became a weekly thing (temporary). Well, I was truly bothered by some things happened at work.

When i was really down, I had to talk to my love, for he will listen to me. Though he would always give me some other opinions (which could be upsetting at times when he did not support or refute me for overly sensitive), but at least i have a channel to voice out.

Nowadays, blogging has moved to a whole new level where most of the goods things are mentioned while polite words were used describe the bad. How often do we see the bad reviews online? If there is, netizens will expose you to the world and you are famous for negatively.

Words had to be used safely so that people wouldn't misunderstand or misinterpret.

Blogging about unhappiness at work is something i could actually write about but my consciousness held be back. Why put myself in such vulnerable position where there are so many watch dogs around, hungry to backfire at people who made complaints online.  

Life is so difficult.   

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