A visit to Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Singapore Garden Festival is here!! It is held at Garden by the Bay between 16 Aug to 24 Aug 2014. There are a few highlights to this event: Landscape and Fantasy Garden, Floral Windows to the World, Balcony Gardens,Orchid Extravaganza, Garden Fiesta and Vibrant Market Place. If you want to know about the events, you can go to their website for more information.

The festival stretches from Flower Dome and all the way to the Supertree Grove and the Meadow.

Besides admiring various exotic flowers species, i was also there to take photos and more photos.

You can purchase the tickets at the ticketing booth near the Flower Dome.

There were super lots of people during that day as many of them went in groups with their committee. We were there at about 1pm and the carpark was almost full. 

Took photo with the pillar which was displayed with orchids. Pretty indeed. 

Many of the visitors brought along their professional DSLR and tripod. Of course there were some of us who relied heavily on our phone camera. Whichever it was, all of us were trying to capture a shot of those pretty flowers. In order to take the best shot, most of us were queuing up to take turn for the shoot. Can you just imagine how crowded it was on last Sunday?!

My mum was in mood to take photo haha

Ah ah!! Don't touch it bii! 

The oldies were taking their time strolling around Flower Dome. Beside enjoying the aircon, they were also enjoying the fresh air from the plants. If they could, i know they will want to stay in the Dome for the whole afternoon.

My dad didn't like to take photo. That was why he looked damned fierce.

Before we went to Garden By the Bay, i went to remove my lash extension. I did not have anything on my eye after that. That explained my tired eyes.

We left the Dome for the outdoor as we were afraid that we did not have enough time for the other events. Out at the Supertree Grove, there were vendors selling their products such as plant pesticide, seeds, mini potted plants etc. One of the vendor was selling pitcher plant too! 

While walking, i saw this big leaf which is huge enough to cover my upper body.Reminds me of those naked man who used leaf to cover themselves in movies. 

We walked towards The Meadow as there were more to see. It is an indoor tent. When you enter, it is quite dark and the floor was uneven. If you have kids, its better not to let them run about as freely. 

In each tent, there were different activities running simultaneously. One of them was displaying designer art work using flowers and artifacts. 


In another area, it was displaying home living decor.

Every design is unique.

There is another tent where residents from various GRC display their plants they grew in their community. 

At the outdoor... ...

As the garden festival was huge, we took the whole afternoon to explore before going for our dinner. We might have missed some of the areas as there were too many people. Going on the week day would be better but I did not have the time to do so. 

If you have time to spare over this weekend , you can visit SGF. The price for visit is as follows:

Signing off here~~ 

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