Forty Hands Cafe + weekend

Though i haven been blogging for few days, i was surprised to see that hundred of viewers entering my blog. Hope that my blog is one of the many which you enjoy reading :)

A short update from my last weekend.

Last Sunday we were again, thinking of which cafes to go for our brunch. As you know, we were spoilt of choices since there were too many of them around Singapore. I decided to go online and checked out some of the famous one. That was when Forty Hands appeared on the website.  Xiong and i were pondering if should we should go ahead until we saw Forty hands appeared again on Cleo Magazine on July issue.

Situated among the shop houses, Forty hands isn't difficult to find. All you have to do was to spot an area where people were standing outside of the shop, waiting to enter. We join in the queue and was placed on the 2nd waiting list. 

The cafe was fully occupied, even the one at the lower ground. The place was quite small and we had to actually move through the crowd carefully where there's lot of people. 

The pillars were obstructing the walkway. But there's nothing you can do about it.

The lower ground which we were told that there were no aircon

2 pages menu

I remember that the magazine was introducing the Big Boy Breakfast while i was flipping over the pages. It must be really good enough to be published on the mag. Without much thought, i ordered that. Xiong ordered his Egg Benedict served with Beacon. We had Latte and Mocha too!

Big Boy Breakfast- scrambled eggs

Egg Benedict

Total damaged: $47.50 (No service charge as you need to pay your bills at the counter )

The brunch was pretty good and different from the other cafes we went to. It was really filling 

Forty Hands78 Yong Siak Street #01-12
Singapore 163078
Tel: 6225 8545

Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 8am - 7pm
on Monday

After brunch, Xiong went for the haircut at DA Hairdressing.

After the hair cut, I took a photo of him ... and just nice someone bombarded his photo...

Epic photo

After cutting his hair, we were just strolling around Far East until we pass by a crepe shop. The smell of the crepe was luring us over. Unable to resist the temptation, we walked over and... ...

The crepe kept us full for few hours before going to The Grand Stand. After chatting up with 2 car dealers, we gave up and went over to our future Seng Kang flat. Xiong drove through the whole KPE and we finally reached Seng Kang.

For a short update: Our flat is still building in progress that we had yet to see the first unit above void deck. 

Compassvale Cape

After that, it was almost 7pm and we went back... ...

Signing off here~~

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