Tosowoong Auto Jewelry Eyeliner [Review]

A short post for today.

Recently, i won 2 eyeliners from Tosowoong from a Facebook event. Never been this lucky before!!

Tosowoong is a brand from Korea. The first time i saw this brand was from Qoo10. During that time, they were having promotion for their eyeliner set. Their cute metallic box caught my eyes and i was seriously in love with the colours. Being a beauty junkie myself, i couldn't resist but to purchase discreetly in office. Now the box lies with the rest of eyeliners. I came to the point that i had almost collected most of the basic eyeliners colours like white, brown, blue, burgundy, purple, grey, gold etc....Basically, I am obsessed with eyeliners.

Previously, i had did a short review on the Tosowoong eyeliners. They are good to start with especially you have not used any eyeliner before. 

Auto Jewelry Eyeliner

Chocolate and beige

I like this type of design because I tend to bring my eyeliner out while shopping. It can be conveniently kept in my pouch. Best of all, it is a functional.

The eyeliner is retractable. Twist the bottom to get more of your eyeliner. If you feel that the tip has became blunt, pull out the sharpener from the bottom and sharpen it.   

See how easy the job is done! 

As it is a creamy texture, the colours glide on my skin very easily. It has elements of glitter in it so therefore you can also use as eyeshadow actually. To use as eyeshadow, remember to smudge the line before it dries up.

Left : beidge, right: chocolate. Look how it sparkles under the light. 

After it dries up, the eye liner practically stays. I did a few rubs but it remained like it was left untouched. To make sure the colour stays even longer (my lids get oily after a while), i will always apply primer. 

For this eyeliner, it can be easily removed using oil base makeup. 

Its quite difficult to see as the image quality is not good :(

I had applied the remover on half of the eyeliner above. Removing the eyeliner with oil based is easy and hassle free!  

Beside the eyeliner, they do have other products on their facebook. I bought RX pore tightening serum for my boyfriend. He is currently in his second tube. It basically helps to whiten, tighten and anti-age. If you want to know more of the brand and product offerings, do check out their facebook here

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