Taiwan Day 3

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Taiwan Day 3

It was a free and easy day as my parents were not in Taichung. The folks had traveled to Taipei on Day 3. That day, Bii and I had a simple dinner at the near by 7-11 store. Both of us somehow love microwave food.

And we bought 悠悠卡 to roam Taichung 

We took bus to 秋红谷〉新光三月/大远百〉中友百货 / 一中街. The bus which took us to these places is No 83. Its a great feeder bus cos it us to the places we wanted.

1. 秋红谷
Address: 台中港路,市政北七路与朝富路口


It is basically a park where you can exercise and walk about. As it was still early, we were one of the few who visited the place. The sun was so hot that both of us were practically sweating.

We saw a restaurant nearby and immediately, we walked over to seek shelter from the scorching sun.

We didn't stay for long as we felt the weather was getting hotter.

2.  新光三月/大远百
Address: 台湾大道三段251号,西屯区 

Typical shopping malls like you see in Singapore. Just that there were less people in those malls compared to Singapore. Sell exquisite and branded stuffs like Takashimaya and C.K Tangs.

Bought some desserts to satisfy my cravings

Long elcair! 

The two huge shopping malls were located just beside one another. Very easy to navigate.

3. 中友百货 / 一中街
Address: Intersect 一中路, 太平路,育才街

Another great shopping place. Similar to 逢甲夜市. It was about 4pm when we were there. Decided to go for haircut again at 新乱剪。 The price of Cut + wash + style =NT350. Converting back to Sing Dollars, it was only about $15. You get to enjoy the ambiance of the salon, the good services they provided and best of all, no attitude problem. The only problem was that they are too warm-hearted. But its a good problem isn't it?!

I know, my face looked fat. Took the wrong angle

After we're done, it's time for shopping!
There were many huge salons and mini shopping malls in 一中,Unlike 逢甲,一中is more of a shopping paradise than foods. There were also a lot of students gathering in cafes around the area. 

This Gong Cha is a restaurant!

Visited shop 86. A heaven for girls who love make-up and beauty stuffs. *me*

地瓜球. Unforgettable taste!

The lonely food court which is isolated and no one entered except us.

Huge salon 1

Another huge salon 2

Mini shopping mall

Baked potatoe with bacon and cheese

The failed 烧烤

Shop 86 rival. haha

At night, we went to K session at Holiday KTV at 台中市北區三民路三段136-7號1.2樓.

The sound system was okay. Choosing songs was a huge problem for us.We had hard time finding and sliding the touch screen. Also, we couldn't push up any songs we want and searching for the "singer category' was a hassle. Take a good look at the touch screen interface, look how messy it is! Overall, the prices wasn't as cheap compared to the first time we visited ktv in Taipei. Shall recommend the other KTV in my next 2 posts.  


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