Taiwan Day 1 ( 08 April )

We are finally back for Taiwan.

This time, our trip to Taiwan includes my parents. It was actually a nice trip but my dad didn't like the foods at almost all night markets. In the end, we only managed to eat a little.

We flew on last Monday by Scoot. It was our 1st time flying Scoot and i felt that it was good. The leg space was much bigger than Jet-star and Tiger. But the downside was that the timing for Scoot were always bad. Our flight was in midnight 12.45am. Before that, dear was still having his lesson in school before he rushed to airport.

After the check-in, we entered DFS and shopped, hunting for food as well.

Mum, Dad walked away and ignore me when i wanted a photo with them.

My family

The lan station

Walking to the gate.

The flight was about 4 hours and we arrived TaoYuan at 6am in the morning. Immediately, we bought some food from the convenient ship at B1.

My colleague came at 7am to pick us up and drove us all the way to TaiChung bridal shop. It was another 2 hours drive from Taoyuan Airport. Thanks to him, we managed to save the cost for taking HSR. Nice man isn't he?!

Finally, we reached the bridal shop

Asia Star (Click to see their facebook)

沙鹿區中山路417-4號 Taichung ,Taiwan

The people were very nice and warm-hearten. The boss drove us up and down to savor the delicious food near their bridal shop and brought us to some temple visit. 

Ruo mi and pork * yum yum* 


After lunch, we went back to bridal shop to choose my gowns. I am not going to show the photos yet and i felt it was not appropriate.

After few hours, the staffs brought us to check in and to our surprised, the room was really big.

After a short rest, i met my parents at the lobby and we head to 东海商圈.

Address:  台中市龍井區新興路

The yucky feng jia ah lang. Cheat my money.

It was really a long day for us. After staying awake for 24 hours, I felt that my brain was almost dead. We had to sleep early to regain our energy for the photo shoot next day.


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