Costa Sands (Sentosa) Day 1, Adventureland 4D + Luge Ride + Trapizza

Happy birthday to Wei Xiong! You had turned 25!

Over the weekend, i had booked a chalet at Costa Sand Resort in Sentosa.

Eh hello, you occupied the whole bed.

The room was quite big as it was able to sit in 9 people. The room has those basic amenities such as a mini fridge, air conditioned ( not really cold even though its set at 18 degree), kettle, tea bags and coffee and 2 bath towels. We were only able to check in after 2pm as they needed more time for cleaning.

After the check-in, we continued to head to Adventure land 4D. It has 3 theaters: Journey 2, Extreme Log Rides and Desperado. I shall briefly explain the rides.  

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

It is an abstract from the movie. Those of you who saw the movie must be very familiar with the story. In this theater, you need to have your 3D glasses on. Once you moved in, its just like a movie theater, the only difference was that the chairs would shake violently. There are also water effects (minor) , lightning effect and wind effect. Similar to the ' Far Far Away ' at USS. The duration was about 20 minutes.

Don't forget your 3D glasses!

Extreme Log Rides

This is a simulator ride. Imagine you are riding on the log, and you were being flowed through all sorts of riverfalls, sawing, lakes etc. One simulator can carry about 6 people. You need to fasten your seat belt or otherwise, you will be moving left and right throughout the ride. The transformer ride in USS is definitely better than this. The ride is about 15-20 minutes.

The waiting area.


Perhaps this is one the better rides among the three. You had to sit on the horse-like seats and take out the laser gun to shoot at the big screen in front of you. One theater could hold up about 20 horseman. Every seat is allocated with a number. When you shoot the laser guns on the screen, your number will appear on the big screen to see if you had hit the target. During mid game, you will 'ride-and-shoot'. Compete this with your friends as it would not be fun doing it alone. Rides are unlimited when you pay for the ticket. I went through this game 3 times with Xiong as he couldn't believe my score. 

I have a hidden talent in such games ok!

Happy boy!

The whole Adventure land 4D ended in about 1.5 hours and we had no-where else to go.

Took the Sky ride and Sky luge as he had never experience it before.

2 way ride was $15 per adult.

During dinner, i had made a reservation at Trapizza, It was a total flop as there were too many flying ants around. What was worst that the flying ants attacked our food before we could finish them.

Located in front of Costa Sands Resort at Siloso Beach

The bar

Love and i

Pizza Siciliana - their signature pizza. Good i must say $23.90

But its a big serving

Linguine Trapizza- Nice too $22.90

Shirley Temple $28 ( 1 jar)

It is a kid-friendly area as there is a playground too. However, the flies were too much that it totally spoiled our dinner. Instead of enjoying our food, we were scrutinizing the food to make sure that it was a pepper and not an ant. 

That is the end of Day 1.

30 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa
Singapore 099537
Tel: 6275 1034

Imbiah Lookout
Tel: 6274 5355

Level 1 Siloso Beach
Tel: 6376 2662



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