MapWerkz Giveaway: MilleaVille Easter Macaron

I bet you have no idea how cute these Macarons were:

Mapwerkz was giving away 8 Easter Macrons during a contest . I was so surprised that I was one of the lucky winners who walked away with Mille.a.Ville macrons!  


Went to Fullhouse Signature at Clark Quey to collect my macarons ^^

Didn't know full house looks so luxurious O.O

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Mille.a.Ville specialised in customised macarons for events like wedding, corporate, parties and catering etc. Unlike the conventional macarons which all comes in round regular shapes, Mille.a.Ville is able to cater to customers' needs and wants according to their requirement. The above picture tells all!

The taste is awesome! Its not very sweet comparing to other macaron from the retailers. What's more awesome was that the macarons were freshly baked! But its quite a pity to eat them, each and every piece of macaron is so cute and pretty. The team had really put in lots of effort to crave out each piece meticulously.

Macaron nicely packed!

Ice pack is added to keep the macarons cool!

Posing with my macarons ^^

For reader who are interested in customizing macarons for upcoming event. do take a look at the links below:

Facebook: Mille.a.Ville
Website: Mille.a.Ville

The cute macarons will definitely add surprise and happiness to your party!

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