Taiwan Day 2!

Day 2!


That day, dear and I woke up early morning and went to the bridal studio at 8am. We had to be there early because we needed makeup, even for Xiong. For me, the makeup took 1 hour and my makeup artist needed to do my face and hair.

She is my makeup artist: Joan Lin

A very gentle, meticulous and chatty lady.

I went down to meet her in my most original form. The last product i slapped on my face was moisturizer. 

Im still half asleep.

The staffs were very nice as they bought us breakfast. While Joan was doing my hair, i was happily looking at the mirror and eating my food.

Within the next 30 minutes, i was transformed into another person.

See how scary i changed under the skills of the makeup artist.

She is really good as she knows my flaws in out very well. As i had a round face, she tried to use the makeup to hide my excess fats on my cheeks :X Not fats actually but just the bubbly cheeks of mine.

And for the next 30 minutes, i changed into the 1st dress before she continued my hair-do.

See the curls!! I love them so much!

With Joan!

Xiong was already waiting for me

Xiong had some light makeup as well. Joan's assistant used some foundation and concealer, not forgetting the eyebrows. He had some lip gloss (which i think he felt gross). Kissable lips!
After I was done, we packed up a little and went into the van.

Off we go!

Our shooting location is at Miaoli (苗栗). Our photoshoot location  requires couples to pay an entrance fee of NT2000 as the place was only meant for wedding photoshoot. It take about an hour to reach there. You may want to google our photoshoot location: 爱丽丝的天空. There are some couples who posted photo of the place on internet. 

I fell in love with the place the moment i saw the photos the day before. Xiong had agreed that it was nice as compared to others locations. 

When we were there, we were one of the few couples who were there early. It got crowded only after an hour later. 

The first few shots we had were awkward. Totally awkward. We have no idea how to stand, or how to pose or even smile. We looked like statue for a while until we had the hand of it. Subsequently, our photo shoot gradually appeared to be natural. By noon, there were many beautiful grooms and brides camping under the small shelter for lunch.

We were one of them. I was very hungry. The heavy gowns, poses (we had to climb high and low, step on ladder, bend our bones, twist your heads etc)  and smile wears me out totally. As i did not apply any sunblock, my shoulder were slightly burnt but it was still bearable.

The legendary 便当 which my sister mentioned when she had it during her photoshoot. Delicious

Smile with our food.

Argh! Hungry!

We ended the whole photoshoot at 4.30pm. After an hour ride back to bridal shop, we took another hour rest before going down to their shop to choose our photos. 

At night, we went to 逢甲夜市

Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407

I love shopping! I shall end my post here. Shall blog Taiwan day 3 another day! Good nights everyone!

Love you Bear! ^^


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