24th Birthday gifts + Sephora Birthday gifts

I have a good birthday present this year.

Dear sponsored my long champ, my Fancl collagen and juicy couture perfume! I chose it all, he paid for all :X My dear is just like my ATM :X I should say that he doted me a lot and gave me to what i wished for. This is my dear :D

I got a number of freebies from the helpful Sephora staff. This was the last bottle but she gave it to me.

3 packs of collagen for me. The nice sales lady gave me a bag and a whitening mask plus 2 glass of free tense up bottle :D

My colleagues bought a a bracelet from:

Pretty isn't it? The bracelet was packed in a vaccum pack. I love it a lot! Definitely can go with my dress on my sister's wedding day :D

And Sephora gave me... ...

For all ladies who have Sephora loyalty card, please redeem your birthday gift from any Sephora counter during your birthday. During your birthday week, Sephora will send an email to you, telling you to reedem your birthday gift. When you are at the counter, show the ladies your email and they will give you the gift! Tada~ This is what i received yesterday. A mini palette containing 4 different eye shadow, 2 lip colours and a blusher. Very pretty isn't it? But i think the eyeshadow doesn't suit my skin very well. 

As for myself, i came across this website: http://www.beautybay.com

I had also always wanted a urban decay eye primer and my current primer is finishing soon. It cost $33 in Sephora. Because of the price, i never bought it as i feel that it was too expensive. In the end.. i bought it for $29.10 from this website. It provides free delivery but i will need to wait for 7-10 days. I hope the goods will come to me soon!! 

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