Just some updates!♥

July july! Welcome july!
A month of mine! 

June was happening.. And so was July. I had worked in office officially a year. How fast tome flies. I could still remember how i had first entered the company on my first day of work.. Did i mention that on my blog? Haha. Our family is growing bigger and bigger and hopefully our family will be complete. Speaking about it, we never had a photo together this year. I hope that our company could have a photo together.

I had also just came back from Bangkok! It was relaxing and refreshing. I went with my mum, dad and dear. We book our stay at Budacco in pratunam. It eas really a good location! The hotel is pretty and easy to find. Not only that, they are located just in the heart of pratunam. The morning market is just below our block and you can start shopping once you stepped out of the lobby. I try to post the photos soon .

We shopped for that 4 days and mum felt that she didn't have enough. Even dad wishes to go back soon. Dad was asking how much does the ticket cost to go bkk. I was like huh?! So fast?! But anyway, plans are plans, i will definitely go back someday.

This month, my uncle will be marrying his girlfriend soon on my birthday. Yes, my birthday. Hopefully he will be a happy man this time. I am turning 24 on his wedding day. Is it a good sign? 

24. Such number tells me that i have lived for 2 decades. Is it a good thing? I hope i didn't have to grow up. Or stop growing up. Its not that i want to escape from an adults' responsibility or that im afraid to die early, it just that it pays to grow up. 

As we grow up, we lose our innocence to the harsh reality and meance of ugly human nature. The virtue that we once thought was beautiful could become a dagger. It pays to grow up. 

And this Friday, crucial Friday. Friday which decide my my 2nd half of my life. Got so kua zhang ? 

Yes! It has! I took off to choose our flat. And Friday, we will be choosing sis bridal dress too. Pretty excited! 

My July! 

Love you dear, love your 😜face

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