Birthday Celebration at office

Yeah! Its finally Friday again!
My mood is rising and im in game for a good rock later tonight .Wahahaha~

I am turning 24 this year and life still goes on. Who really cares anyway. I live my life and i love my life. I have a great boyfriend, loving family, close friends and best colleagues. My sister is getting married this year. How time really flies...  (I always use this phrase, i know). Its been 2 decades since i started fighting with her since i was born. There was never a time of loneliness or quietness, even when my brother was born. And now, all of us are moving on to our next stage of life. It is a natural thing to do of course.... ... I wish her happiness... ...

Yesterday, my boss had gave us(his second son and me) a mini birthday celebration in office. During lunch, he brought is to Ding Tai Feng at Tai Seng but the queue was so long that we have to wait for 50 minutes! Can you just imagine waiting 50 minutes for food? We will be starved to death by then. So boss decided to drive to Nex again for Ding Tai feng. At nex, we did not have to wait as there was no queue. All of us are happy about it. We ordered the usual and settled lunch pretty quick. After that, he suggested buying a cake back to office. I chose tiramisu as i love this cake a lot. 

And so, i took the cake out from the fridge and put it in our meeting room. The small guy helped me to bring the lighter over and we lighted the candle. Somehow, there is one big candle and 2 small candles on the cake. That makes me 22 this year and 2 years old for the small boy. I'm growing younger!

Never mind about this.

My colleagues sang the song and we blew off the candle. Small boy blew really hard at the candle o.o

I distributed the cake to everyone. Boss has the smallest share. And so.. after that, we took a Eurustech family photo.

We had all the candid shots and the 2 small boys were playing around, pushing people out of the camera screen. I guessed you know who was being the unlucky one in this photo. Hahaha!

They left after the cake was cut and photos taken. I guessed we will see them next year again. I was really appreciative of my colleagues as it was really the first time we celebrated birthday together. It was really fun! :D

And tonight... Will be my night! Hahaha!


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