Bangkok 4th Day + HDB Flat Selection

There wasn't many photos taken on the third and fourth day of BKK. The main thing to do was to shop and shop and shop. Third day was at platinum mall and we shopped around pratunam night market till closed.

As for the fourth day, it was a Saturday. We couldn't miss the weekend market: Chatuchak Market!! I believed all girls who love shopping will know this place very well.

I hated to end our holiday... But back to reality.

Xiong had work on Sunday the moment we just landed Singapore. He was very tired but he did not want to take his leave. Me and my dad had a day to rest before going back to office. It was great going back to work but it was even better to go back on a holiday. For that week when i was back, i was very excited and worried for Friday. It was because... me and dear were going to choose our flat!

Our queue number was 616 out of 841. The chances of getting a good flat might not be good, so we went to ask for help. Well, after much consultation, both of us had a small argument over flat matter and of course, we had different opinion. After much discussion, we had finally agree to settle at Seng kang Crescent. It is located next to the TPE and Chen Er Bo said that this flat was suitable for us....

On Friday (19th July 2013), i took a half day leave for this matter. I was rushing a report and i left office at 1pm. Dear was already waiting for me at the carpark. As we were still early, i suggested to visit my granny for lunch together. I haven been visiting her for a while as all of us are busy with work. As and when we are able to, we will. After having a short break at her house, dear and i had decided to drive off to Toa Payoh Hub to see our flat one more time. We sat and waited, looking at the screen to see if our choice had been taken. When it was our turn, we walked into the room, towards the counter.

The lady who served us might have spent her entire life, working for HDB hub. She was pretty old and fragile. That wasn't really the point. The point is, dear felt that she was very blur with the procedure and stuffs like that. But we still have to continue. We proceed to hand over our pay slip, cpf transaction etc. The lady gave us all sorts of documents to sign. I felt that we were signing at our own risk x.x After sitting there for half an hour, the lady said we had to pay $2000 at level 3. We got up our sit and left the counter. After making payment, we went back to sign more documents to complete the process. The whole process took almost an hour. After we walked out of the HDB, dear and i felt a bit relief and unsure. Unsure if all documents have been signed correctly. But thinking over it made us feel moodier.

We decide to leave it to the hands of government.

As for now, we are waiting for their letter to come for the loan repayment matter. I felt excited and looking forward for our flat :P But, don't expect our red bomb to reach you guys soon. We need time to save up x.x

Also, my birthday is coming near too.. But there are too many upcoming activities which over-ride my birthday. I hope i will still be able to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones.

I will blog about my birthday the next round :D

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