Birthday Celebration + Rocky Master at Delfi Orchard

A very busy birthday!

My uncle wedded on 27th July 2013 this year. I was happy for him and wishing him an everlasting marriage!

I celebrated my birthday one day early as i knew we were gonna be busy on 27th. In the morning, i went to work as usual and waited dear to fetch me from work. I was told that i did not have a birthday cake as he was very busy with his bowling schedule. I felt sad :( as it was our norm to have a cake every year. So my sister bought KFC and Domino pizza for all of us. After fulling our stomach, we had an appointment at St games for my brother booked a book for some band rock game. But before we leave, my cake suddenly appeared:

See the huge chocolate there? :P Dear had bought a cake from canlele and not forgetting my macaroon! I love macaroons! 

Then, we set off to play rock band. 

On my birthday itself, i attended my uncle wedding in the morning and met up Xiong in the evening. In the evening, we ate Dian Xiao Er for dinner and we ate a lot. Here's what we ordered.

Its a lot isn't it?! Anyway, we managed most of the food and we left the restaurant with bloated stomach.

I spent 20 minutes putting on my fake eye lash but i think i did not succeed. 

After that, we spent one hour at the arcade. See his seriousness.

When he said that the next activity is starting, we stopped all activity on hand and go to the next place.. but who knows.. the next place is just beside the arcade.Dear had actually bought a pair of shaw premier tickets for Wolverine! I was so excited as we did not try this theatre before. We sat attentively throughout the whole movie until it ended. It was not too bad, neither it was a very good movie. As all marvel movie are, they will have a villain and hero and lover too. Marvel can never escape from such storyline. We went home after the movie. On Sunday, i went to bridal boutique with my sister as it was a day she has to pick her wedding dress. The picking session did not take too long. She was fast and decisive. Unlike other girls who chose for a whole day and ended up without a conclusion. 

We had a simple lunch at rocky master. All of us were really hungry. Rocky Master serves affordable fusion foods in Delfi Orchard. You can easily spot the cafe as it was located outside the ground floor of Delfi Orchard. 

I love the pizza more than other foods! It was really very delicious! In the afternoon, we met our parents and walked about Orchard until night.. 


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