Faceshop Birthday gifts ♥

What a busy week!

As expected from end month. All our company staffs stayed on to help out to receive the goods. We have our roles to play. The goods came pretty early but after loading all the goods, it was already 8.30pm. We had a late dinner but we finished our food within 30minutes! Could you just imagine how hungry we were? 

On Tuesday, i begged dear to fetch me to bugis. But before that, i would need to collect my contact lens at bedok reservoir. All of us had a simple dinner nearby my house. Then we headed to bugis. 

My motive of going to Bugis: To collect my faceshop birthday present and my lancome BB cream.

To my surprise, the sales lady told me that i have to purchase some gifts for $10 before i will be able to collect my gifts. I told my dear about and he says that :why not just buy something and get a gift. But after lingering in the shop, i really thought that i had nothing to buy. In the end we left the shop. Our next destination was to go to BHG to collect my lancome samples. The sales lady gave me 2 sachets of BB cream and 1 sun screen. 

I can feel dear screaming inside: WHAT?! I drove you all the way to receive 3 small sachets?! Well... girls are girls.. cannot blame right? Girl are born to be doted on right Bii? :P But in the end, i went back to the faceshop to buy a facial foam for my little brother. Because of that, i got my birthday gift :X But overall, i felt that it was quite worth because... ...

Good right?! 

Please don't see me as some tan xiao pian yi girl. It my birthday right?! Just take your gifts as we are entitled to.

Lastly... ...

Peek- a -boo

Scream baby scream :D

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