Day 5 of Taiwan!

Day 5

hihi! Its me again! helping my dear to post our taiwan trip day 5! lets see....

oh ya! we had Bo lo Bao for breakfast! the very nice bo lo bao which we da bao from shida..

Afterwhich, we head over to our first destination! SOGO at zhong xiao fu xing station.. There are 2 SOGO there and we went to the green building one.. we first enter into the basement and saw many snack and food.
There are cute hello kitty designed cake, many different kind of biscuit which we seldom see in singapore. and dear's mother "favourite" Cow Tongue Biscuit 牛舌饼。 It has nothing to do with any physical part of a cow but just that the biscuit looks like cow tongue.. interesting ya?
Anyway, we tried a few of those snack and choose only the 牛舌饼 and lemon cake to bring back to SG!
We then went up the SOGO building and find out that... there is nothing much to shop as all the shops there are what we can see and find in Singapore departmental stores..
So.. we decided to skip that and head to 五分埔! a paradise for girl (during summer :X)

But before that, we had our lunch at this famous 鲁肉饭.

We order 2 bowls of 鲁肉饭, 1 soup, and 1 plate of 豆芽. It was delicious.. must try!!
During our meal, i saw this notice saying we use the best beef from Australia or something like tt.. then i told dear.. the lu ruo might be made of beef! She suddenly like lost her mood to eat.. o.0 but then we found out it was actually refer to some other dishes. We also bought the pre-packed sauces back for our family to try out! 

Next destination...

It seem like there is only buildings over there but when you walk between those alleys, you will see many shops.. We sometimes also get lost inside as it is quite big! Oh ya! remember to use the toilet before shopping because it is hard to find one inside and also in some other night markets. We walk around awhile before finding one public toilet located at a basement car park.


Still Shopping!!! LOL..

After all the shoppingss! my dear bought quite a few stuffs as this is our last 2nd day to shop... we just try to spam our money.. :X In the end, she found out that she could not wear 2 pairs of jeans as the shop owner told her she sure can fit in one.. lol.. poor thing dear.. lucky its cheap! 2 for 350NTD only?
Okay.. we then walk a bit northward to....

This night market i would say is quite easy to navigate as its like all the shop and food stalls in the middle and at the 2 sides and in between got 2 separate lane for people to walk up or down.. However, it was quite crowded with people as maybe it was a Friday night.. We also try some food that we found online for e.g. the famous 胡椒饼. It is nice! and also this 爱玉冰 which the stall owner boost humbly about her Ai Yu Bing. Cute Auntie i would say..  Oh ya! we also try out the cheap 投篮机 there! :D

many 分店

my first 槟榔 with my 槟榔妹 :p

After walking all the way up, we make a U-turn and walk back to the main entrance of 饶河 and decided to take a cab back to our hostel as we still have many NTD leftover.. :X

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