Day 4 of Taiwan!

Day 4

This very day we had to leave that very pretty motel and moved to somewhere near Xi Men Ding.
In the morning we got up and get changed, packed our last minutes stuffs and head out to get a cob to Taipei Back packers hostel.

Last photo at the motel. I seriously look fat somehow..

And our new hostel look like.. ...

It looks pretty nice from the picture but.. don't be deceived.. the living conditions are decent.
However, the location for this hostel is perfect. It is just situated in Xi Men Ding. And beside this hostel its an awesome KTV.

This day, dear had planned to walk around Xi Men Ding. After putting our luggage, we went off to start our shopping spree and our cam whoring activities. Xi Men Ding is just so different from the rest of the places. There's lots of young and trendy people, with branded shops so familiar to me. The roads are also different. It looks new. We took a photo at Xi Men Ding

After waking a while, we got hungry and so we went around to search for ah Zong mee sua. There wasn't a lot of customer and we got our food pretty fast. 

This is the legendary MEE SUA from Taiwan! 

I saw some foreigners standing there to eat me sua as well and some of the locals even ordered a second bowl! I know, the mee sua looks like any plain jane on the street. But once you had it in your mouth, you can never forget the taste. The mee sua does not have lots of mee but it the sauce! The sauce is so delicious that i can even eat it without the sotong or oyster. Dear and I stand at the shop and finish up our food. We put the empty bowls into a tub and went off to linger around ximending.

There clothes are pretty but i did not spend much at ximending as many of my friends told me that it is pretty waste to spend your money there. The clothes are quite expensive. Dear told me to hold on to my shopping spree as we were still going to other places still. 

And so i listened to him and so, we went to Taipei underground shopping as planned. My dad told me that Taipei underground used to have lots of chicks and it was really a dirty place to go. But that was 20 years ago when he went Taiwan for army training. Things have changed now. Taipei underground shopping is now a place for zai nan and gamers and for people who looking for normal cheap clothes. The place is very big and as we walked, i got very thirsty and had wanted a warm drink. We passed by a maid cafe and psycho my dear to go in with me. But horribly, we had to spend a minimum 200 nt. For a while, i wasn't happy cos i had just wanted a simple drink. I had almost wanted to get out of the cafe but in the end, we stayed on.. So i order a cake and warm latte. Dear wanted to leave his stomach for ShiDa night market and hence he only ordered a drink.

This is their back view.

Dear wasn't really happy cos we were going to ShiDa soon and we ended up here. I guessed all maid cafe there is a kind of fetish thing going on. The lady's voice is very sweet though but she wasn't exceptionally pretty. Dear was kinda angry cos we spend so much and yet the 'maid' wasn't pretty. Dear was saying: If the lady is pretty then never mind, but wah liao, they are not pretty and have to spend so much... He was shaking head and nagging at me all the way to ShiDa night market. :x 

Anyway, we finally ended up at ShiDa night market... ...

At shida, we did not take many photos because it was more of a shopping paradise rather a food heaven. I did not spend much also cos dear was going to take me to Wu Fen Pu the next day. So i just look around but i still bought some things. We ended up our night market shopping early and we went back to Xi/mending to have our hair cut.

Back to XiMeng Ding!

Dear had also did some research and recommend me some salon. We entered a salon called " Luan Jian', in lay man terms, its called 'Anyhow Cut'. But the service was really good for the money we paid. In Singapore, we paid a heft price of $70-$100 for a very salon with so-so services. But there, i just had to spend a price of $440 NT for a good salon. What they did was first washed and massage our scalp before they began the haircut.

The lady who cut my hair is really a beauty!
Her name is Vanessa. A very gentle lady.

We walked out of the salon with our hair like this:

Well, i liked my hair. Dear looked handsome too!

We had not ended our activities yet! At 11.30pm, we had booked a K session just beside our hostel!!
The rates are cheap and we were able to sing up to 5 hours! 

The KTV was spacious and the sound system is damned good!

At 4.30am, we were too tired and so we went back to sleep... ... 

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