Day 1 of Taiwan

Im back from Taiwan already. Taiwan is such a nice place to go. I want to go back soon...

Back to reality..

Dear and i had enjoyed ourselves back in Taiwan. We missed the foods, the people and places of Taiwan. Though the weather was cold, we still enjoyed the trip.

Day 1

The flight to Taiwan was in the early morning, where dear's brother fetched us to the airport in the wee hours. The airport was kinda empty and we were the first few in the queue. After checking in our luggage, we went to Mcdonald to have our breakfast in the custom. Both of us were equally excited for the trip. 
We had our seats at the front of the plane, which made us very easy to get to the toilet. What surprised me most was that the plane was not full. Passengers had their bags everywhere. Some even changed their seats for comfort. But dear and I did not move about, we sat within our seats.

The flight was long and uncomfortable, with spaces enough for my legs only. After 4 hours of painful flight, we had finally reached TaoYuan Airport. The moment we got off the plane, we could feel the cold air surrounding us. It was cold. After taking our luggage, we went out to settle some admin stuffs, like getting the map of Taiwan, buying 3g sim card and taking bus to the nearest train station. 

Photos were with dear but i decide to blog the first day first. 

The bus brought us to the train station. Dear had did all the research (Good job baby!) and he knew where to take and the time where we could catch the train. He had all the direction correct and was confident that he could bring us to the right place. The bus was empty. We took 20 minutes to the train station.

It was definitely a day of travelling. As we did not had our lunch, we had some simple snacks at their city cafe, known as 7-11. Simple foods at 7-11 was just like a haven to us. They have many types of different food that made our mouth waters. And my dear's dream to was enter Taiwan's 7-11. Your wish had came true dear. Hehe :p 
The very first day was to travel to Taichung for we all aimed the Feng Jia night market. But of course, we have to  take the High Speed Railway from Tao Yuan. Everyone queued orderly to enter the train. Taiwan people are all very well-behaved, unlike Singaporeans who all rushed in just to get a seat. Over there, the people do not sit the priority seat and they immediately get up to people who really needs it. A very cultured country. The people do not speak loudly in the train. It was definitely a pleasant ride in Taiwan public transport.

It is clean, neat. Some waitress will walk about in aisle and ask if we need any foods. Overall, it was a great experience! Upon reaching TaiChung station, we moved out of the train in a orderly manner and went out to take a cab. The cab uncle sent us to our hostel and it was really near the feng jia night market. The tomato hostel was pretty cool, except for a mosquito who suck my blood. Bloody lot of blood was taken away from me. But it couldn't escape my clutches. When i slapped the mosquito on my hand, i can only see my blood from it. Serve you right mosquito! The photos of the tomato hostel is in my camera. I shall upload again soon :) 

By the time we check-in the hostel, it was pretty near evening.The sun had already set at 6pm and we could see the lights on and people buzzing around Feng Jia night market. Feng Jia night market is situated near Feng Jia university. Lots of young people came out to gather at night and shopped around the night market. Dear and i were hunting for the foods to eat and we hopped places to places, stalls to stalls to start our feast :D We had the famous 猪宝盒,fried mushroom, 50崗 bubble tea, 葱油饼, 胡椒饼, chicken version of 宝盒 too. We definitely had lots of food but these are just that we tried. The foods are amazing and you will not feel like leaving the night market.

What spoils the day was that i lost my luggage keys. I have no idea how i lost my luggage key but it is a day which had spoil my dear's mood. Dear and I braved through the weather again to look for the keys in the market, but to no avail. In the end, xiong had to force the zip holder of my luggage off in order to open my luggage. Poor dear, pulled until your hands are injured. But very thankful becuse you did not get angry with me over this matter. 

That very night, I was really very grateful and happy that my dear did not kick me off the bed because i lost my luggage keys. Love you baby!

At feng Jia night market

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