Day 2 of Taiwan

Day 2

I shall help dear continue day 2 of our taiwan trip! :D
We woke up early in the morning around 9+ and prepare ourselves before heading to eat our free breakfast at 拉亚汉堡. Simple yet nice...

Our Breakfast

After which, we walk to the main road to take a taxi to Taichung High Speed Railway Station follow by taking the bullet train to TAIPEI Station.. the train was indeed fast! and we reach Taipei in 1 hour time! From there, we just go to one exit and take a taxi to We-Go Motel to pay and deposit our luggage as we are only allow to check in after 6 pm.  We also begin taking photo around that area!

Then, we went to MR.J 義法厨房 to eat our lunch..By now, dear's foot is uncomfortable already because of her newly bought heels. Poor thing.. Anyway the food there were so-so but the service is consider good and hence, we gave them a little tips.. lol.. The restaurant is nicely decorated with Jay Chou Secret Theme.

请勿乱弹, 以免被送回20年前, 叶湘伦
Oh ya! we also happen to see a locksmith cum shoes repair shop before we reach MR.J Cafe and hence, we went in to unlock dear's lock.

After filling our stomach, we walk to the bus stop and take a bus to 国父纪念馆. The building structure looks nice and the scenery there is nice too. Some elderly is also exercising over there. Interesting ya?  Thereafter, we take a peek inside and saw some military personnel performing some drills with their rifles. We just took some photo and head off to shop for dear's shoes as the heels is hurting her too much.

However, in the end, we could not find any cheap and nice one and dear had to 忍着痛 and proceed to Taipei 101. The Staff who is taking our photo before we go up to the observatory is very nonsense because they never wait for customer to be prepare and just snap and they are like playing a fool. keep snapping even before i exit and in the end, all the number they gave us is mixed up. Therefore, we went up and take a nicer one..

Our next destination is 临江夜市 or also call 通化街夜市. At there, my dear finally find a more comfortable shoes. 辛苦dear了. we also ate many things there like fishball, smelly tofu, oyster omelet, chicken roll, jelly, sausage. the 臭豆腐 is really smelly!

Smelly yet nice(in dear opinion)
Before heading back to our motel, we went to miramar entertainment park to take the Ferris Wheel as we still have some time. We use our youth card to get promotion rate (also for 101) and there is 2 kinds of cabin. Fully transparent and normal one. We opt for the fully transparent one. The view is nice and we also begin taking photos and enjoy the scenery..
After that, we went back to our motel to check in.. It was a pleasant stay there and we are not disappointed at all. The bed is big, the room is nicely decorated with Jacuzzi. It is also equipped with all the necessary toiletries and beverages which is free!

Dont scare baby. :p

Nice right? :D

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