End of 2012~~

Happy 2013 guys.

This is my official post of the year. Its been great that 2012 has past. So far, i guessed i have achieved my greatest goal in my life: I had finally graduated from RMIT and had the chance to wear that square hat. It another goal since my old school days. Im proud of myself to be able to achieve it.

My family photo
I found a job after 2 months of holiday and have been working for half a year.
I had went overseas with my babes which all of us have been planning to.
I passed my btt this year and will be achieving my driving license asap.

2012 has been a wonderful year for me. 

Let's talk about what happened over the weekend.

I brought mum to orchard road to take some photos. The lights were nice but the crowd was just too unbearable. Its people anywhere and everywhere. I really appreciate dear for bringing my mum to the city. To say the truth, i guess my parents are quite lucky to have us ^^. Also, my family went for a photo shoot at serangoon broadway on a Saturday evening. Their service weren't as good as the one my sister went to take. It is expensive as well! Their makeup skill wasn't as good and i was not very particularly satisfied. There were no print outs to see how the photos turned out to be. But anyway, all has been done and i couldn't complain because everyone went through the same procedure.

Dear has definitely helped me blog a bit as well. His 10  years of buddy: Tee Peng, hald finally turned 23rd last year and i bet he is still enjoying his 23rd. Just like my babe, Jasmine, had her birthday on 19th Dec. Though she doesn't look like any of my size and age (people always thought im her younger sister zzzzz), she has definitely grown into a beautiful young lady. 

That very morning, we three met up at Orchard to have some lunch together at PS cafe. I have no idea where it was and so my babes led me there. It was a pretty nice simple cafe serving westerns. Price wise was affordable but i had ordered the wrong food. I had creme brulee with oat. Can you just imagine it?! I thought it would taste great but nah, i guess it can be better. We gave Jassy a pouch, which me and les had searched quite sometimes for a decent one.

We had also made a birthday card for her as she has been asking for it haha. I know our skills are cui and my 0 dropped out! It was gone missing and i couldn't find it anywhere. I still owe her an 0.

I like this particular page. Not because i did this page, but because this 
was taken on my birthday and jas birthday. The recent one was taken 
in Bangkok. It just shows how much we had grown over the years.

And now.. ... 

Pretty girl!
My 2011 is filled with broken heart and sadness. Thanks to my babes, i felt i was all back again. Love you babes.

Not forgetting this person ... ...


why i look so shag?

who allowed me to draw eyeliner and uses eyelash curler on him. My crazy boy who never fails to walk the difficult path with me.

AND also my..

family (refer to the picture above).

Yup, more pictures than words. 

This week, my big boss is coming home to office. Three weeks has been passed and time really flies! Once again it happy new year and i am flying to TAIWAN with my dear! But the thing is: Allan haven sign my leave form as he was not in Singapore. I cannot imagine his reaction when i tell him im flying to Taiwan next week. "What?! I see you for 2 days and you are flying to Taiwan?!" 

... ...

Well, my boss always like to disturb me. Young birds just entered workforce sure will kena bullied. But anyway, im ready and all set to flyyyyy to Taiwan! I had chosen my luggage size and the clothes i want to wear. I had also prepared toothbrush and body foam and whatever i can think of. Dear planned most of the itinerary (Im a free loader) and he is just as excited as i am :D Happy happy~~ Wahahahaha~~

Taiwan was the most wanted trip that Xiong's want. Im just tagging along :P Glad to travel with you dear. It just like a dream to me @.@... ...

Taiwan! We will combing a few areas. I will blog again when we are back. Gosh! Im excited. Gotta remember to bring more clothes to keep my warm... brrr ......

Because i can use camera phone, I have more photos of you than i have for myself. So... ... Im gonna upload your "glam" photos here. No one is really reading my blog except you right? :P


Loves ... ...

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