Day 6 of Taiwan !

My turn to blog on Day 6 of Taiwan

Today, we took our time slow to go to various places to relax and sightseeing. 
In the morning, we took quite a long journey to reach Dan Shui to get some local food. Dear brought us to Dan Shui as it was one of the oldest place in Taiwan. The weather was pretty good in the morning and it wasn;t any colder like the days before.

The place is very pretty. So dear and I began walking around. We passed by some shop houses and dear was hunting for his ah po tie dan and fish cracker. We had also walked into some biscuit shops. Well, we are sensitive when a shop gets too crowdy haha. It was really kinda a lazy day for us. As we walked along, we saw a ship which Tan Fei mention: A museum which collects weird things over the world. As Fei had recommended this place, dear and I decided to go in to take a look. We pay some entrance fee and began taking photo...

Sign board

Yup, this is the one!

We took about 1.5 hours to finish walking this small little museum, then continue to walk further to go to a place to have Jay Chou set meal. According to Dear, he said that Jay Chou used to patronise this shop when he was in his uni. He would ordered the same food whenever he ended class. So that's how Jay Chou set meal came about. Its all about marketing strategy right? 

This is the one!

Angle from our table

This is really nice!

I was lunch and we were having this. It wasn't very fulling but we will be looking for food on the way to the ferry terminal. Dear brought me to another place: The lover's bridge. I have no idea how this name come about but i guessed it was also some marketing strategy. 

But of course before that, we bought a ice cream which was this long... ...

The famous ice cream!

Our ticket to the attraction

A photo together at the ma tou hehe

We took a ferry to the place. The trip was only 20 minutes. There's lots of couples at the bridge and it was petty hard to take a nice photo.

After taking some nice photos, we took ferry back and went to new taipei city to soak for some wen quan.

The wen quan was green and smelly. I did not like the smell but it was worth trying out. Dear had slept during the wen quan session. Good for him. 

As evening approach, We headed down to Shi lin night market. It was a shopping paradise and i seriously is in love with this night market ...

I love taiwan!

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