3 weeks more to my exams and i am still doing my essay (Though i had said i have done it, but i still fear i did it wrongly). After a week of hard work, i finally met my Yellow Bird, on sunday! A great great day where i got to rest from 1 week hectic writing and his months of training for x-country. It was the first time i brought him to ah po house today. He was so shy, keep smiling all the way :x Happy bird :x And the thing is, he finally got to drink ah po mutton soup!! Which i was talking about it months ago, really months ago !!! Definitely! Ah po was so happy to see him, happier than i visit her (jealous). She is more interested in you Yellow Bird, than me :( Alright, i  have nothing to jealous about, im her grand-daughter. After the visit, we went to trim OUR eyebrows. YEs! ITS OUR EYEBROWS! He said it wasnt pain at all. I jus cannot forget the 1st time i pluck my eyebrows, it was freaking pain and my eyebrows were red. Ouch! And today, it still hurts :( When will the plucking of my eyebrows be seasoned? Yellow Bird is jus amazing. I should bring him more often to do it since it doesn't hurt him. The lady who plucked the eyebrows told me that he very dote on me. Yea, my Yellow Bird is! He helped me to remove the troublesome hooks on my wedges today.. Am i capable to give him happines?... ...  And we went to orchard after that, walking into H&M is jus like squeezing myself through a wet market. Clothes are thrown everywhere, cotton are flying everywhere. Can the management do anything about flying dusts ? They just irritate customers. And of course! Photos! Its been a long time since we had some photos! 
  See this weird photo :x
Ta-Da! I painted nail poilishes on hsi fingers to test the colours. Seem that i bullied him a lot :( 
I should go home and do some reflections. 
Our gong cha ^^
My fave photo of the day!! :D So nice and pretty. Notice our eyebrows? :x
Acting as idiots, well, we always do. Either one of us do it. :x 

Yet at the end of the day, i still feel im not doing enough for him, am i really good for you ma Yellow Bird?? Why do i always make u feel sad....

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