Life isn't just that

There's always up and down in life, like you said. In life, we took a gamble and the choices that we lived. By living on, we are actually gambling. No matter how risky we take, we still have to live with it. You have no time to regret, because you can only reflect and move on.

I got bored of my studies today and i went down to esplanade for a while. I was walking alone, sight-seeing. Families brought their children out, tourists busy taking photos, couples smiling at each other, sportsmen jogging along the pavement, it was a beautiful day out. I strolled along the singapore river, taking some photos under nice weather and helping couples to take photos, it was jus relaxing. No stress nothing, just people leading how their lives should be. I went to watch some performance at the central stage of esplanade. Javaense dance is rather unique. The dance gentel and powerful, demons look scary. Nice makeup!
After that went to have my dinner at artease. Bird force me to eat. But it was yummy yummy
Ah~~~ My mocha ice blended ^^
Hehe, our photo again~~ Nice photo we got today! Bird came to fetch me home after i had finish watching the performance. Don't give up yea Bird! Preserve on! It maybe your lowest at this point of time, but soon, u will see differences de! Things will get better ok? Jia you! ^^       

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