谢利云.. Sorry Sorry... I fell asleep yesterday and did not wait for you to read finish your notes and sleep together. I owe you one okok? It had been many times that i have fell asleep le.. will you be mad at me mah? hais..

In 3weeks' time, Dear is going to have her examination le and in between, she has many activities such as attending people wedding, going to pray, renewing her h/p line? , going out with me? :X , etc.. Have enough time mah? must plan your time nicely ah.. If not then dont meet me le.. After your exam then we go out play 1 day before you start work ok? (i took off on 10th nov, 1 day after your last paper :X) JiaYou Jia You! You can do it de!

On 4th October, i went to Playmate Helmet Pig cousin house cause her cousin "Ah HEE Kor Kor" is getting married! Congratulation!
I went there from ubi after i have collected my cheque for my car insurance refund and the Tea Ceremony is over, playmate already changed to her home clothes (or i shld say her cousin home clothes). Im happy cause im able to see a portion of her family (Han's Family) and they are friendly as they will help me prepare the food and drinks and help me on the television etc.. Playmate is like asking me why am i so shy o.0.. Next time i shall also bring you to see my relatives and cousin see you are shy or not!
Anyway, Dear had to do her hair, make-up, wear her dress because she is going to attend the Solemnization and Wedding Dinner at Intercontinental Singapore(Bugis)..

Tada! My Pretty Dear.. with curly hair done by Esther

Dear.. i know you are feeling stress here and there cause ur exam is coming.. Endure for awhile more and everything will be over okok? Jiayou wor..
and sorry that i had fell asleep again and again... i hope you are not mad at me...


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