I was so happy today! Though exams are here, i do not want to stay home because i really had enough of those past days mugging at home. My brain had been squeeze like a sardine and was just too headache n stress for me to handle. I hadn not been using com for 3-4 days Already and i felt tt it was normal since exams are here. AnywAy, this month was a busting month. Last week, i had just changed and plan i joined the m1 family!! Is anyone going to Congratulate me?? HAha, i signed ip for the iphone value plan which cost my dad $28.80. I was pit of the student plan category so i was given 500 sms to use. But luckily, most of my friends using whats apps and sms kinda become obsolete like tt. Haha. And also!! Our SM got a high distinction! I couldnt believe it at all. But i guess all was worthwhile because for tt past week i have been going tp ce yo house to rush this particular project and i dun expect to score well for this. But it came out to be a surprise. Was so hAppy abt it :D and saturday! Yellow bird caught korilakkuma for me!! Omg! 1 st guy to catch bear for me ^^ i never knew tt i would have this chance to receive a toy from ufo catcher.. I had never felt of the feeling of gettin a jackpot until yesterday. After tt i carried korilakkuma around on my bare hands . Kinda show off but i like haha. I named her as " xiong.xiong" cos is he caught for me de. And after which i took her to watch movie with us. The movie was " whats your number" . Because the movie title aas structured in a question manner, there are some hiccups at the counter when collecting the tickets haha.
Today! I was motivated to get a toy for yellow bird as well because he said that no one ever caught one for him before. I wanna be the 1st one to fulfill ur wish. I believe i have beginner luck.. N see what i got for him
We had our dinner at timbre on Saturday night. We were there twice. But we did not get there to eat on our 1st visit. As it was not open at the 1st time, we decided to go again the 2nd time. The 1st time we had dinner at Chalk, which was just opposite from timbre. But this time, we finally get to eat. It wasn't very spacious and the location is inconvenient. It was only assessable by car or by walks. As it was very inconvenient, many costumers drove in or came in by taxi. The inconvenience also caused much profits to the company. It was a full house on a Saturday night. Some Ngs~ :  
Photo-unfriendly haha. But in fact he was trying to hide away from he flashlight
Sweetie- pie
Where's my food? Moody me~
This is xiong xiong (korilakkuma)~~ I named her. Thnaks yellow bird for catching for me ^^ I was so happy. First time received a UFO catcher from Mr. Logic. I was just so happy that i just hugged her all the while in the movie. ^^ 
Me and Xiong Xiong :X
Her head very big. Just like you Playmate ^^
Xiong xiong & Yellow Bird. 
So cuteeeee!!!! This is for you. I first time catch this wor. A wish that u want and i want to fulfill for you. This is my first time catching as well and upon the 3rd catch, the teddy bear finally was caught!! I changed to this stitch for you cos winnie the pooh just remind us of Ceyi haha. I know u don't want winnie the pooh for it will make you think that you are hugging her instead of me :x
Remember to disinfect her with antiseptic wipes otherwise u might grow pimple overnight ! And also, hug her to sleep k? :x You have a new companion on your bed 1st time ever. Will you think that she is competing space with you? haha. Don't let money go near her too! 
Our photo ^^
Finally~ Come to the closing of the post. See whose legs this is. A big bruise. Another person play soccer until injured, apart from Mr. Param. This leg is no longer sexy. For you went to play soccer in at 12am midnight and fell down. But haiz.. you arh *Sayang* 
It already 2am. Is Mr Logic sleeping in his office now? Hope he did catch some sleep afterall ^^  

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