In 1 day time, my marketing project will be due. This is the worst project i had ever done with my group mates. The reason behind this is not because of content, but mostly on the time that we can actually finish it but we spent time on other things. Isn't it unforgivable? And the quality of work received is not to be mentioned of. The quality varies people from people.. what we expected may be too much from what other people expects. So there's a total different thing being produced. Because of quality work, we finally made it to the point not to voice out (so what's the point of voicing out when there's no time to re-work on) and done those parts quietly on ourselves. I believe cultures are to be blame for it. And seriously they do.

And thanks to the change in course structure which made my life gone haywored for a moment.

After days and nights of burning and burning, i finally get to have a nice dinner with Playmate on Friday's night. Its TGIF Baby! Time to loosen my mind for a while. Well, we had Everything with Fries at Joo Chiat road and Tee Peng is responsible for driving us there. I was so shy that i don't know what to do or what to say. Im just afraid i do not fit in their values and might find myself an extra. But luckily, everything went out well and i ate fries and salmon. Delicious at 1st few mouths but sickening at last few mouths. But worth the price for such a fulling meal. Of course! Thanks to fries instead of rice ^^ After having dinner together, the guys decided to go to Paya Lebar the coffee bean to chill out and update each others. I tagged along. They chit chat until 10.30pm before leaving. Playmate's friends are nice people, all of them are really nice. But then have something in common : They like to sabo Playmate. Tee Peng likes to disturb Playmate a lot, jokes with him every time, in fact i do find him a not-very-shy-guy who only shy in front of girls he likes, am i right? I do find him a funny guy :x Yang Ann, handsome look but looks so serious whenever he does a talking. Just the 1st meeting, i jus feel that he is not one who will joke a lot, but rather he thinks a lot. Tan Fei, the burly macho guy who has the strongest built among all, i cannot imagine how i would survive under his strangle :x Just wondering how Playmate would look like if he has Tan Fei's built. Hmmmm, unimaginable :x But anyway, Tan Fei looks so shy, a guy who doesn't talk a lot, eat his meal quietly, concentrating. Its kinds of hard to snatch a small fries from him like that :x Looks fierce. Was thinking how he would look at me if i tried taking a small fries from him. Though he looks fierce, i felt he is a shy person. Someone who has few words and only talk when necessary. Otherwise he will be listening all the while. Overall, all of them are unique in their own ways and have similar characters. Hope that they can accept me as Playmate's friend... ...

Today! We attended Chai Yan's birthday at aloha loyang. She has reached 21st and is maturing. We bought a casio watch for her. The four of us shared. Playmate is so shy in even entering the house. I pulled him in and introduce him to people he should know. So shy.. he just smiled so coyly and say hi or hand shake. Since i know his shyness, i just sat along with him and chit chat with him, so he wouldn't feel awkward around strangers. In the afternoon, he met my sis and i at bugis village and was waiting for us to be done in shopping. He told me that he never had the chance to go shopping with gf and the sister.. since he dun have sisters. I wonder how would he feel to shop with us... ... After that we headed to the birthday party. Playmate, i hoped u did enjoy cos i can see that u actually enjoyed.. Please dont tell me that i was wrong.. I felt happy when u were piggy back me, taking foods for me, but most importantly, is when u are around. Im just felt happiness. Thanks so much for today too. Muackz! I want more piggyback :P                  

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