We celebrated my mum birthday yesterday! For the whole morning i was reading and writing my notes. And my family each as their own activites in the house haha. Until evening, my mum finally to go to eat at Swatou restaurant at toa payoh. It was the restaurant that she and my dad held their wedding 20+ years ago. Mum chose this restaurant to have her dinner there so we just went in like this without any reservation. There weren't many tables so occupied. The waitress showed us to a table at a corner. So secluded. But we were not neglected in terms of services ^^ We order total 5 dishes and we ate to our fullest. There are some dishes:
Cold crab
Guo tiao
Pai gu
Zai chai
Yam! Yum Yum
There are the foods that amount to $117. My dad paid for it, which is rather unusual. But its the thought that count. Each of us just take turn to pay for dinner since mum is unemployed. Too bad my younger wasnt around haha. He had some prefect camp in school and had to stay in school till sunday. He will be back by tomorrow. We had taken some photos of course, too bad our family photo did not turn out well. Thanks to the prc waitress at the restaurant, all the three photos that she took were totally hopeless! So hopeless that she can never be a photographer.
Me and my sister!
Mum and dad ^^


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