We can do it!

In life, there will be up and down. We will definitely face problem which will drain our energy physically and mentally. No one will have a smooth journey throughout their whole life but no matter what, i believe that after every raining day, the sun will come out and we will be able to see the rainbow..

Playmate aka Miss helmet pig, i know that your project deadline are coming close and exam is just next month and u are feeling sian, stress and moody. But this is life ah.. Endure for just 2 months and u will have your term break! and endure for less than half a year or so after your term break u will graduate!

As for me, maybe i will have a longer period to endure because i have made a wrong choice (not because i choose to study but other reason) which lead me to having to fan nao here and there.. But i promise i will work very hard for me, for you  and for our future.. We will support each other along the way right? :)

JYJY! We can do it de!

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