Our presentation is finally over..Though we had only prepared less than a week.. our presentation is in fact the best out of the other 5 groups.. I wonder if other groups will be jealous of us and give us a lower mark.. I hope these guys are more objective than i thought... ...

These few days.. I have been staying out late for dinner., with good foods await me ... ... Been tired of thinking our scripts and acting out.. calling Ceyi jus give me goosebumps but after a few days.. i was like so alright with it.. The presentation turned out to be a success... Some NGs yesterday..
White carnation.. Pure love.. By choosing this topic.. i in fact learnt a lot which i never knew all these while...

Haha... Ngs.. It was fun performing anyway.. I think.. me and ceyi and i had jus became more thick skinned.. 
Anyway.. Foodie ~ I will post u on later~

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