My day to day activity is written almost frequently on blog so that in years to come, i can read and see what i was doing at that time. Few days back, i had morning breakfast with playmate and yea, he had work in the afternoon. Since he had work to, i had also fully utilised my time to keep myself occupied. On saturday, i went shopping with my mum and dad at novena square and ate ramen. On sunday, i went bugis alone shopping for present but in the end i did not buy any. In the end, jus walked around the whole bugis and once i shopped finish, i head down to suntec to meet my sis. But she went to watch movie at 7.20pm and left me alone there agin. To treat myself, i ate anston. And yeap! I was eating alone. Just like how i ate and walked alone in the past.   Today! Im so happy and happy and happy!! Playmate came over in the morning to go school together with me. He clashed my lecture (though played iphone all the while and even slept in my class!) He also accompanied me to go project meeting and fed me with za jiang mian. Sooo happy ^^!!! I felt so shy when he was feeding me.. oh my god.. Its like.. so old liao still need people feed.. but! He is so willing to put the food on my spoon and feed me showed that he cares about my stomach :P *Happy* When project meeting was over, we head down to partyworld at vivo wahahaha! And yea, he finished up 2 bowls of crackers and a cup of chocolate ice blended. And i, just let my voice go haywire today! I dont sing well at all! And after that, we just play play play and take mrt all the way down to sengkang mrt to collect our masks! Man! Im so happy that i got my aloe mask and eye mask! My 2 favourite mask that has been OOS for a long time! And then~~~ After collecting, we took bus 89 to his house to sit his car and find my sis at bugis. Bugis again. Haha. Our dinner was 我爱台妹! I was full and full and full~~ Feeling fat *Touching my belly* Suddenly feel like pig like that. Im so happy today! Why? Because i have you Mr. Yellow Bird ^^

And yea my Mr. Yellow Bird, you are always so sweet.. so nice to me. Though u are not very tall, nor very big size, ur presence always gave me a sense of security and calmness. I always have your shoulders and chest to rest on, ur back to lean on, ur thigh to lie on and i hoped im not adding burden to your life. You act clumsy to exchanges for my smiles and laughs :D And i love hearing you chat about anything under the sun. You did things that touch me deeply which i felt i dont deserve at all. Im very grateful and appreciative that u treated me like a princess though im just any ordinary girl who walks on the street. A girl who is not worth taking a second look by the others. It was you who made me feel special. When you asked me what's going on when i leaned my head on ur shoulder at the lift just now.. all i just want to do was to stay close beside you. Leaning beside you was comfortable, happy, happiness that was truly from the bottom of my heart... ... Thanks you very much... really! I had lots of fun today :) Nites :)      

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