Im soo lazy in the mood of touching my assignments. Now, i left with 2 essays and  project.... For last 4 days, i haven been touching any assignments at all. From this week on, i have to start on my essays already.. otherwise time is running short....

Last Friday, i meet up with my babe, Jasmine at Nex to k songs! Though we had been friends for 9 years, it was only the third time which we had k songs together. Our session started at 4pm.. a waiting period of 30minutes for the room. At 4pm, we got our room and we just picked the songs that we want. She picked mostly english songs which i totally don't know how to sing while i picked the chinese one which she don't know how to sing O.O And in the room.. both of us just keep screaming and getting high of ourselves without caring our images. Anyway, no one is watching us :x Just enjoying ourselves~~ It was a 3hr long singing session and it just ended so quickly! Both of us hadn't sing enough :x haha .. Shall have a chance again in the future..

Yup, both of us never failed to take photos when we were out together ^^

On Saturday!
I brought mum to eat the Japanese restaurant which served shabu-shabu and a hot pot of soup, nearing orchard road. The soup was nice and it was fulling. Lots of vegetables and the shabu-shabu tasted just right! The meat is so thinly sliced that it was cooked in an very alarming rate! Haha..  

Looks delicious isn't it? It is quite expensive, as i saw from the menu.. But maybe the food is nice so they are able to rack it to such prices! After filling our stomachs, mum and i walked about the orchard road and look around clothes and accessories. Not forgetting to enter every supermarket that she walked past -.- Walking alone orchard is rather tiring so i decided to bring her to marina bay sands.. to explore the bridge that she always wanted to go ^^ Some photos taken .... 

This is just a photo of casino. How i wish i can enter just to peek :x The whole MBS is very big that i couldn't finished walking all the areas the other time. In fact, my mum and i haven walked finished the whole MBS. I wanna go back somedays to explore more of this place. After walking the whole day, my mum was quite tired as well as her legs were almost unable to take her to other places, so i decided to go home. We met up dad for dinner at some zi char outside before going home. A very fruitful day indeed ^^

On Sunday! 
I met up with Mr Yellow Bird at 2pm. It was a raining day and he was caught under the heavy rain, driving :x Playmate seemed rather tired and sian today when i just saw him. Maybe of the recent events. Cheer up my dear! It's gonna be okay! :) Smile smile yea, though ur teeth is as croaked as mine, u look unparalleled adorable when u smile :) So we watched a movie : Crazy stupid love. The storyline is almost perfect and the comedy is just right. A romance story. It not a waste watching this movie in a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps its one of the best movie i watch in 2011! After watching movie, we had yoguru at downtown east. He got this habit of not eating to lose weight which i personally object. But, i know the feeling of being fat and trying to maintain the right size for ourself. Our yogurt! Yum yum!!    
See what is this guy doing... Doesn't he look like those stars who don't want his photos to be taken? Im the  
狗仔队... ... Come on.. be photo friendly the next time i take your photo k? 

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