When a lady is more mature than her man.... How to make the relationship works?
''Patience is particularly important in this relationship. Learn to adopt a liberal and open mindset and see what you can learn from each other. For a relationship like this to last, the women needs to be patient with the man's immaturity while the man should be eager enough ti learn and have the desire to grow while being appreciative of the woman's efforts. In this case, lady need to be willing to take up the bigger responsibilities in the relationship until your man matures and develops his own leadership skills. Being patient is also important especially when he isn't ready to go down on one knee and settle down yet. Support and encourage him in the things he wants to do in life and give him space to grow up, only then you will be able to tell if he's the right man.

However, if both has the same maturity level, its a good news! Means that both of you understand the importance of shared responsibility in the relationship and have probably drawn up mutual goals to work towards. While you might not share the same beliefs, when two equally mature people face problems and conflicts, both of you are rational and level-headed enough to resolve conflicts by reasoning it out to one another. But such relationship can face the problem of overly mundane and there's a higher risk of both parties feeling stifled by the seeming stability of the relationship. How to make it works?

It's vital to inject some excitement by making a conscious effort to shake things up and keep life refreshing by letting your inner children run loose from time to time. Remind each other that there is nothing wrong with behave irrationally or pursuing impractical passions once a while. If life has become a monotonous routine, surprise each other by exploring new date places and picking up a new hobby together. Also, not to forget to give each other ample personal space when needed and learn to do things for yourself so that you wouldn't feel shackled by the stability of the relationship.

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