Happy 2nd week anniversary!! So fast one , as days gone by. Two days ago, Sijie brought me to eat bak kut teh at Queenstown. We met early in the morning at 12pm but when we reached there, the shop we wanted to eat is not open. Damned! Im so sui, every time go at the wrong time. In late afternoon, we watched Harry Potter  movie. An exciting, awesome movie. Action pack and full of colours and sparks. The graphics effect has definitely improved over the years! And it showed the last of the last of Harry Potter.
And just few hours before.. my babes met me up to celebrate + catching up time with me! We never failed to meet up for each other birthdays. Even Adeline took leave especially for this day. Im so happy because Adeline is the one who is now busier than any of us now. She needed to earn for her expenses when school reopens. Hope everything is doing well for her. As for Lesley, her old admirer is also catching up time with her, flirting through sms. Her market value is there.. still rising :x Lastly, Jasmine is 'free' now but not that free either. Her school is starting soon and she has to bid for her module. Wish her all the best in bidding the module with Colin so they can end up the same class together ^^. Wonder how they will concentrate in class haha. We had a simple dinner at Timbre @ the Art House. I loved going there because of the nice scenery and cooling breeze.  
My weirdest birthday card i received from my babes. Must be hand-picked by Jasmine. She may look innocent but she is a very cheeky girl :P But because its weird and interesting, i like it a lot :) 
I wonder why the photo still tilted despite i saved it in the horizontal direction in my folder. But anyway, even idiots can make it out words of 'Timbre'. So i guessed no matter how i tilt it you guys can always read it somehow. And yes! We had our dinner at Timbre! Look at the foods we have:
 The buffalo wings at timbre! A worth to die for dish.. Delicious yet, spicy yet sweet and crispy!
 My drink! Mocktail: Virgin Sakura. With lychee on the top. Taste sweet and still sweet smelling. Love it too!
 The duck pizzia. Another signature dish from timbre. Almost every table is occupied by this particular dish. Cripsy toppings and sweet sauce. Yet not my favourite because of the duck's smell.
Lesley ordered this drink.. Lemme think.. its called xx sunrise? I can't remember the name of the drink. I only remember it tastes nice. However, it doesn't not make a huge impression in me.

Hawaiian pizza!! One of the all-time favorite pizza on my list. And i realised something. I neglected taking Adeline's drink. All i could remember was that she was drinking an alcoholic drink known as Cosmopolitan. We hcatted all the way through. A fun day with my babes of course! All of us were full . But i still wanted to have ice cream at :
 And we had :
After satisfying our needs for desserts, we headed home. Dear came fetching me from school just now. Thanks Dear :D And now he is studying his paper somewhere in airport. Will he sleep there? Just like a stranded commuter who always did that when they got ditched by the air plane.. Well, he is not alone ^^
Lastly, my present from my babes!  

Pretty isn't it? I loved at the moment i saw the design and the blue gem. So sparkling.. The design is elegance and simple. Not too fanciful nor complicated. Brings out my personality as well. Thanks babes! For choosing such a beautiful pendent for me ^^ *Happy*
  My BFFs. Been 9 years and counting ^^. 

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