Life is so unpredictable. Things can just befall on anyone else. The good and bad.. Just so hard to see what's coming for us. Moments ago, my sis messaged me to tell me that korkor has passed away. Seriously, i had tried my best in taking care of him. Taking up a bit of my time of sleep to pat him and give him treats. Showering love that he deserved. Few days ago, i even heard from the radio that 'Pets may not be everything to us, but to them, we are their everything.' Think about it, they can't wash their toilet without us, they cant clean their butt without us, they can't play themselves without us, they can't do everything without US! Humans learn lessons from the hard way. Adopting pet is not as easy as it seems, not just giving them shelter and food that's all, it something that is invisible that which made them feel attached to us, and the willingness of us to take good care of them. In the past, i wanted a pet. But now, as im older, i feel that i must not adopt them when i can't even take care of myself. Am i able to provide everything that they need? Just hope that out there, before adopting any form of pets, please ask yourself if you are capable in giving ur time and attention to your little ones.
Though these 2 little ones were not adopted by me, i tried my best in giving them the best. Hope they are passing on right now.

Today is official day of us being together :) 09-07-2011. I like this date ^^ In the morning, we met up with my  fyp preps for bak kut teh at clark quey ^^ My god, the soup is so delicious the it can be refilled! Where on earth is there such a good thing right. I don't really believe until i went today. Delicious delicious!! Bought lollipop and sticky sweets from there again ^^ So colourful those sticky sweet :P Haha. After that, fetch wei teck to driving lesson at ubi. Stalk him when he was about to end his driving lesson. So funny, we were like trying to track him down. :x But its ok, i believed he would want us to anyway :x Angela met us at marine parade after her facial. We had ice cream at scoops! After that, we went to marina barrage as i suggested! What a beautiful place to go during evening. Perhaps its the sunny and windy whether which made our day perfect! Going to marina barrage is the best day of my life this year! I had been wanting to go so badly but he made it possible for me to go. My virgin trip :x Lol. There were so many big and beautiful kites up there in the sky, with families and friends picnic-ing, children running around smiling, laughing. All these are just good enough to make my mood lift up :) This feeling is contagious. Im just enjoying the mood and ambience there! Best of all, we took some photos, all thanks to wei teck professional camera he brought. It's been a long time since we fyp took photos. After wei teck's birthday? Yup, after his birthday. We as FYP, share a special bond and relationship. Although we don't meet up as often, none of us really changed much! There is almost nothing that we can't talk about! Treasure you guys a lot! ^^ Night activities as follows: Eat dinner at liang court and bowling at mount faber. Such activities will not change ba haha.
But today, at 11.59pm, after sending Angela home, life is not the same anymore. Just a simple question, so simple.. has kept me smiling throughout the night. I have no regrets in making this decision. To have you in my life, is a major step for me to move on. Yet im not afraid at all now.. because i have you. I've always thought that tears are only meant for sadness until just now. I never know tears can be a beautiful one until you showed me... You meant a lot to me, love you :) Our stories will begin from this moment on... ...       *muackz      

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