Im so happy happy ^^ I had finally finished my 1.5 months of work in departmental stores!! And yesterday, I went to watch transformers: dark of the moon after my work at 8.30pm. Ah Boy had bought the tickets on Saturday when i asked him to. He got very good seating from The Cathay Picturehouse at 9.15pm. The transformers movie is 152 minutes, equivalent to 2.5 hours! We watched until our butt and back pain -.- I was tired though, but the action-packed movie just kept me hooked on, so exciting, the image, the sound system are just not to be missed! The movie ended at 11.50pm. It was late, ah boy sent me home. As it was sunday, it was difficult to catch a cab so we just walked down to Selegie to wait for a cab. At my void deck, i gave him as what i had promised to give him to. A reasonable farewell gift. It was all that needed to say farewell and good-bye to a 有缘无份 relationship...
And today, i embraced a new day of my life.. welcoming surprises and more surprises ^^ We got our water bottles! I got my purple and he got his red one! I loved mine a lots, Thanks playmate ^^ After which we went to eat raman in one of the shop at Novena. Yummy :P And in the afternoon, we washed his red turbo turtle together ^^ It was so dirty :X In my life i had never washed a car before and don't know how to go about doing it. Ok lah, i was just following instructions whole time :X He told me vacuum i vacuum. He tell me to fill pail with water i do so too. Then take sponge scrub scrub scrub. Can't imagine if the car is taller than me, maybe i should just use a stool if im not tall enough to reach :S After all that scrubbing, we just spam water on the red turbo turtle :X So clean after that! Haha. So much difference O.O And proud of it!
That's for afternoon, evening time he skipped lesson  :X Ok, naughty right! But never mind, because he skipped his lesson we had chance to enter mbs. Happy Birthday to his elder brother! We went there empty-handed, so paisei. Just a handshake wish. The hotel room is just so pretty, with bath tub! So cool! When will i have the chance to soak in the bath tub lol. But anyway, the scenery at the top of mbs is so pretty that the images are still imprinted in my mind. There's swimming pool too! Cool Cool!! Just loving it! Then, we walked all the way back to marina square again.. sending me home.. Life is getting back to where i am again. So happy!! ^^        

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