School started yesterday and it was a heavy morning monday! Heavy as in terms of my mood.. dragging my self to school. And today! I realise school had changed a lot. The toilets are woo-hoo!! So high class! Like ION toilets! With automatic tap and more cubicles! I thought i had entered into a shopping mall o.O Lessons today ended rather early. Me and ceyi went shopping to orchard. Its since a long time since i go shopping apart from yesterday :X In 2 days, i bought 2 dresses. So sinful! Should have stopped myself from doing so. And also, ceyi bought me eyeshadow as my present  for my birthday ^^ Thanks ceyi!! Love that colour a lot haha.
 This photo taken from marina barrage. So pretty! So nice! Blissful and sweet :P Yup.. and officially the start of our relationship... ... Muackz!

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