It was a great and enjoyable day with dear yesterday! He is so sweet, gave me surprises from morning till night o.O I had lesson at 12pm and he was here to send me to school. Before entering his car, he told me to close my eyes while he carefully guided me to the car seat. I was jus wondering what was he going to do? But the sound of the lighter just gave him away haha. He made the birthday cake for me!!
See the cake he had done for. Tiramisu!! My fave haha. The first time ever hand made cake for me and his first time attempt on baking a cake. So touched... Thanks dear. Best cake i received for the past 22 years :) Taste nice too.. Then after keeping the cake in my fridge, off he sent me to school! Clashing lectures with me is sweet. However, he had been playing his iphone in my lectures, distracting me all the while. tempting me to see the fishes he caught -.- But its alright, im still listening to lecture :X 
Then evening came... 

I bathed, dressed up, putting on necessary colours on my face, blow my hair, and added a little scent to my neck. Getting ready for the dinner at Carousal. Seems like i had overly put too much powder on my face. Lucky it the photos turned out to be nice. Otherwise i would be looking like those wang yang people on stage. As for dear, he wore black. So handsome! And so different from his either boy-ish or casual attire. So am i -.- Holding flowers in his hands, he gave it to me at my lift. So sweet! Feels like a formal date :X But this is what which made my day so special... ...

Taking photos with dear... *shy* I cheated. Cover my face with sunflower
Finally after turing around carparks and more carparks, we finally settled at Shaw Tower. Slowly walked down to Carousal at DFS building in my heels. Dear said i've grown taller and he is not used to it. Dear, one day u will! I like heels. You had better prayed that i won't wear heels which made me taller than you :X I sounded so threatening. But never mind arh. A bit taller won't harm ? :x 

Alright... Food at Carousal is just so damned nice! So delicious. Ranging from japanese food to indian cuisine, chinese cook food to seafoods, desserts consisting ice cream, cakes, mousse, tarts, fruits, last but not least fondue! A wide range of variety. But the price is of course .. ahem... wah! O.O Dear said its still ok.. i wonder what is not ok to him -.- Total bill is $1xx.xx . X_X But really, good ratings for this buffet restaurant! So happy happy! Happy for the full day. Can't stop smiling. Like idiot like that :x Alrigt, let me post some foodies now~    

See the food we ate, enormous right! Dear ate until to the brim of his throat. On the verge of vomiting. Poor dear, hope he learnt his lesson of the meaning of buffet :( Luckily, all was well again after 1/2 hrs of rest ^^
And before i reached home, dear gave me another surprise! 

His hand made scrapbook for me :) The last surprise of the day. Dear has really put in a lot of efforts for a day like this. I really appreciate your efforts and the love u put in for me. Love you dear, muacks :) Happy one week anniversary too! Woo~~
Some random pics!

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