My 26th Birthday Part 1

I had turned 26th this year. At this age, I do place an importance in my family and close friends. Ever since my 18th birthday, I was becoming homely each year. My lifestyle must have been affected largely by work too. I thought in my early career , I would frequent pubs and bar, hang out with friends and spend my money shopping.

But who knows, i began to love my bed much more after i went work.

And I've passed 25 already' life is travelling at 26km/hr everyday the moment i hit 26th. Start counting down to 30. Thinking about it, I would like to fulfill many things in life but look at it now. Its neither that I have the money nor the time.

But i will still make time for my family.

Just last weekend, Xiong's sil whipped up a family feast for lunch and I was there to fill my stomach. She had prepared since morning while the rest of us just went there to eat. There was a variety of dishes; salmon teriyaki, sambal prawn, crocodile soup, egg curry chicken etc!

She had prepared the food by the time we reached.

Chef cleaning the side of the plate

And ready for lunch!

And the 2 brothers had already taken the seats.

Very soon, we gobbled up the food, leaving the chicken wing plate empty. The curry chicken was really good, the egg was a bit chao ta but still good, i love the Hainanese cook style tang hoon and the sambal prawn! It was really a sumptuous lunch! 

After we filled our stomach, these 2 guys in the photo above went for an afternoon nap. What a nice day, while their brother and sister in law clearing the foods. ZZzzz. 

Not longer after, they took a cake out from somewhere. Only then i realise Xiong's elder brother went to buy a cake for me after his school. It was really heart warming. 

Me and Linda.

The love of my life. Looking good after a short nap.

Making my wish ... ...

and his family.

Was happy that this gathering is made possible. It always feels great to slack with your family in a cosy home. Hope this gathering will always go on ^^.

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