My humble family

Whenever i feel when life is hard on me, i tell myself that there are always someone else who is living much worst off than I am. At least, i know that i am a healthy working young adult who has dreams to pursue and expectations of becoming what I can be.

I never knew how fortunate I am till heard of true life stories of family who the parents couldn't even take of themselves, much less to mention their sick in-laws and disabled child. Back in hospital, i had also heard of families whose daughter is a PhD student and one who is able to afford to buy branded blankets for $20,000 (Just normal blankets for sleeping). As people says, 一山还有一山高, as people of different walks of life enter SGH for the same reason. 

Everyday, in the hospital, we hear different stories, we see different people and interact with different types of families. Each of us has our own story to tell, but are we able to understand what kind of life they are going through? Well, i know we can't , because we are not them.

I am beginning to see that all of these are just part and parcel of life; working 8 -5 on weekdays, accompanying my family and boyfriend over the weekend. trying to make time for friends, planning for our future house etc. ferrying to work and preparing stuffs when my mum is real sick back then. As i get older, i tend to see through difficulties in different perspectives, learn the hard truth and accept what comes may. 

I feel that i had mature a lot since 4 years back and not that little girl who will cry over a dramatic breakup. Xiong has been standing by my side for whatever things happen to me and my family and he has no complaints about being tired or anything that sort. He has always been supportive and someone who I can rely on.   

Besides him, I am very glad and appreciative that i have a complete yet noisy family. Through the years, I value my family much more than I was before. Perhaps, i am a grown up now, partying till late night is not quite my thing. 

The best place to be, is with your family. Because no one can replace your family.   

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